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Chase (sumbodysnobody) wrote,
@ 2004-05-17 23:13:00
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    Who am I?
    Static expressed in eyes. A unclear picture of whats going on. A vision of being alone in black and white. A hollow television set. Views expressed as images in a empty picture frame. A broken reflection in glass on the floor. 10 eyes looking back on an unsettled body. A victim to his own war. A machine without gears. A blind witness on the testimony stand. Cant decide wether walking forwards or backwards or walking at all. Down on these knees with a cry. An open window dresses a corpse with sunlight. A vampire without midnight. A broken heart without super glue...a broken heart without you.

    Hmmmm.... Does that make sense? It does to me...i think. heh

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anonymous vs. california
2004-05-28 01:10 (link)
Stop making me cry.


STOP! Hah you're good.

Anyway, I'm going to comment on your entries on LJ! I AM! And I will be back soon! I WILL!

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2004-07-15 00:20 (link)
Hey there. I came across your journal on a search and just wow. I love the way you write your enteries. Very unique. And that makes complete sense. It's awesome how you can put all of that into words.

And I added you to my friends list. I hope you don't mind. :D

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2004-10-12 13:56 (link)
Chase its beautiful... BEAUTIFUL. You write so deep. I LOVE IT. I really want to read more Chase. I'm addicted to your writting. I really am. I have a secret stash in my room of your stuff baby. I really do. Oh Shit.. It's not a secret anymore. Please let me read more. Im begging. I really am. ...

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