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Chase (sumbodysnobody) wrote,
@ 2004-04-11 13:09:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:Yesterdays Rising - You Tell Me

    Dearest I'll Meet You In The Shallows
    HAPPY EASTER! Yeah today is easter. Day of pink bunnies and what not. Hope your all enjoying yourselfs. I've decided to post in blurty today. I keep getting the urge to just drop blurty but I will never do that! what have I been up to? Yesterday I went to the matinee with Jake and we saw "The Girl Next Door". That movie was really good. I enjoyed it. It had everything you want in a was funny and about porn stars. Well after the movie we stopped at Taco Bell and I got some nachos! Jake had family things to do for the easter weekend. So we went home and I watched some tv and kinda just hung out till 8:00ish where I went and picked up Jack and gave his sister a ride to her friends house. Then we went to the electric theater for the The Contingency Show. Well that show was alright. The opening act was them one girls Meg and Dia with there full band called "Cowards Courage". They were pretty good. I think Meg and Dia are pretty hot. I dont know if its just me. But yeah i enjoyed them. Then "The Middle Distance" played. They were alright...they just didnt catch much of my attention. They reminded me of No Motiv for some reason with a little Salt Lake Indie in them. When I say Salt Lake Indie I mean like how a lot of indie bands from SLC kinda have a slight similiar sound in them. Like The New Transit Direction, The Contingency Plan, and Hudson River School. Anyways....the were alright the middle distance. Then the best of them all played "The Contingency Plan". They were amazing...had a few new songs that were rad! They played a couple old ones I knew and I screamed my lungs out when they had us sing part of "Chemical Burn". but it was just me and Dan who were really singing it heh. I wanted to talk to Jay and the guys...but i said I'll wait till after the show. Then Gabrael came on...these guys were nice guys. But they scared a lot of people away i guess...they reminded me of thrice and from autumn to ashes combined with pennywise lyrics. I dont know how to explain it. But they were rockin...I kinda enjoyed them. But they were weird. So by there last song I think there was less then 10 people there. And only like 4 of us were from st. george the rest were like friends of the band or the other bands. It was pretty sad. Felt bad for the guys...but they stayed positive and were nice guys. Umm then I went in search for the guys of TCP to talk to them and I couldnt find any of them. Their merch was all gone and took down too. I was dissapointed (sorry Sara I tried to get you stickers or something but yeah, they left fast). So me and jack talked to bucky for a bit. He told us Audio Karate wanted to come back with "APPLESEED CAST!". Awesome show! But we would discuss it at the street team meeting cause it fell on a weekday...I also told him Day Two has been emailing me like crazy to play down here. He said he'd love them back on May 12th. but thats also a weekday and we'll discuss it at the street team meeting to. Anyways talked to Bucky then talked to the middle distance, got some free stickers (If you want a middle distance sticker sara you can have one of them). They also gave me a free EP of theirs cause I mentioned I'm a DJ and they wanted me to play it on the radio. So yah cool guys too. All nice guys, I feel bad when such nice guys get shut down by fancy pants st. georgians. I saw people who left early including Dan walking the boulavard..that was sad. anyways..we grabbed some Del Taco food and then went home. Shara told me she got fancy hair that I want to see now. Then I went to sleep.
    Woke up today, easter morn. Got dressed and went for my usual sunday morning adventure. I like these adventures...I used to go by myself then jake came along then now im going alone again. I like just driving alone around. It gives me time to think about stuff. So I did that morning ritual of mine. Wanted to go buy a movie at Target to watch this afternoon. I always watch a movie Sunday afternoon..another sunday routine I do. But Target was closed for easter i guess. And I didnt feel like going to Wal-Mart movie. I'll just watch a oldie I have...(Airplane! maybe). Now I'm here on the comp. I think I'm going to go play some guitar and write some more lyrics/poetry. So I hope you guys enjoy your easter. See ya!

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2004-04-11 16:06 (link)
Happy Easter day! hehe. The girl next door is the awesome.. the porn stars turned me on like crazy! i miss your old adventure sunday visits to bk... hehe!! okay bye bye chase friend!

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2004-04-11 20:39 (link)
yes good movie. And you mentioning that it turns you on is only turning me on...ackward yah! Anyways...adventure sundays rock. I saw you! You were driving! I should of pulled up next to your window and demanded a slurpee!

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Anonymous Vs. California strikes part 2
2004-04-11 19:04 (link)
Damn internet froze and didn't post my message and now I have to type the whole thing over again! Don't you hate when that happens!!!?!?...oh well...time to type this all over again.

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Striking again part 3
2004-04-11 19:26 (link)
Ok...starting over!

First off: happy easter day!

Secondly: you, me, and whoever else likes Yesterdays Rising should get them to play at The Electric Theater! I heart them (especially their song: "Torn And Weathered"!!!). I think a couple of my friends like them too and would see 'em.

Anyway! That sucks Gabrael scared people away. :( I'm glad you enjoyed them and TCP though. And Meg and Dia, even though I've never listened to them before. I can't believe only 10 people were left by Gabrael's last song, that's retarded. There were more people beforehand I assume...right??? I hope so. Or else I'll be sad and angry at my friends for not even going and missing out on a bunch of great bands (emphasize on TCP though cuz their one of my favorites). Why'd they leave so early anyway? You should have talked to Jay earlier!!! Haha. But don't worry about not getting a sticker. The important thing is that you remembered and tried. :) So thanks. Oh and I do want a Middle Distance sticker if you have any left!!!

When is Audio Karate and Appleseed Cast coming? I really liked AK when they played back in February. Great show. :)

I'm going to tell Bucky, either at the street team meeting, or beforehand, to not book them on weekdays! It's hard for us school kiddies to go, extremely hard. A Thursday could work though.

Oh! I like your Sunday Morning Driving Adventure Ritual thing. It sounds really nice. I wish I could just drive around, listen to Limbeck or some other pleasant music, admire the setting and the sunny weather, and just think and chill. You should bring me along sometime in the future! I'll even pay for gas too, cuz I'm not broke (for the moment), mainly because I [illegally] gambled. But I didn't get caught so it's all good. Mwahaha.



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Re: Striking again part 3
2004-04-11 20:13 (link)
I'm talking to you on MSN explaining more about stuff. But yah we do need Yesterdays Rising to play here. I was going to email them but there site isnt a site yet. They're still building it last I rememeber. I'll give you a middle distance sticker. Sunday drives are good. I really just thought about how trees grow, and the sky, and the sunset and how it plays along with god. I dont know...but its a relaxing thinking time.

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Re: Striking again part 3
2004-04-12 18:21 (link)
They are still building that site! It's been forever too! All well, I'll just email whoever is on the contacts page on their purevolume site. You should do the same too! It's:

Sounds like a lot of thinking time going on during a Sunday drive, but not all that complicated crap, just peaceful thinking stuff. Nice!!

Oh hey! I have a favor to ask you, but I'll save it for watch out!

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