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Chase (sumbodysnobody) wrote,
@ 2004-04-06 12:10:00
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    Current mood: contemplative
    Current music:From First To Last - My Heart, Your Hands

    Well here I am...
    Just thought I'd write in this here journal cause I was bored and I think its been awhile. I just finished my CIS work thats due today I handed in and waiting for it to be graded so I can get the heck out of here. This computer place gives me headaches, and im not the only one! (SHARA!). But yah...this class is pushing me to my limit. I'm so sick of this crap day in and day out over and over. A stupid class it is. I went to screen printing today too. I printed a shirt with a horse on it. It came out totally crappy! But in a way it looks cool cause it looks crappy. I dont know...but i kinda like it. I was told by my radio colleagues to ask the teacher if we can get our 105.1 The Disc shirts printed there. The teacher said ok thats fine. YOU can do it! ME! He wants me to print 100 shirts! And he said it would count as my final project which is cool. But me! 100! That will be interesting...they'll probably all turn out like crap. Oh well. I've been talking to Mitch about sharing an apartment. I've been really wanting to move out for the longest time. But its weird cause it seems as soon as I'm out of the house my whole life will dramatically change from easy going to pay rent bills struggle to survive on my own kinda thing. I just hope I'm ready to make that step...but first to be ready I have to make sure I have a good well paying job! Which means double the effort in looking for a new job. It's also funny to read mitch talk about his mission and life. And I totally understand where he's coming from. Like my parents have had 5 boys (one in heaven now). So 4 boys...the first 3 pretty much failed there expectations. They didnt go on missions they dont go to church and two still live at home heh. And I've always been there last chance for a good son. They've pressured me so much and even told me "You always were the one we'd knew would go on a mission." And it breaks my heart cause I want to go just for them. But then again I dont feel im ready and everyone says it will make me happy! But in reality it really isnt or hasn't yet. Anyways...thats just a little into my side of the story that mitch is going through heh. Oh and lately I've felt this urge to not be alone anymore. Yes finally its hit me again. I dont know why but it has. It's been like years without anyone and I've loved being the single guy having fun. And I never even second guessed ever being anyway different till now. I dont know just lately that mood as lingered over head. I haven't dated anyone in awhile either. So I think I will keep my eyes open and look now. If you've ever even thought of moving in on me..heheh haha like that would ever happen. And it felt as I ignored you or shut you down sorta speak. Thats probably cause I wasnt ready to move back into the so called scene. But now I eyes are try again! heh. Anyways this entry has gotten to personal and too long. So I'll end it now. SEE YA!

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2004-04-06 15:34 (link)
If you guys get an apartment or something...I could probably move in later. My tribe pays for my rent when i'm going to school. I even get a $178 dollar check every two weeks. So I could just work part time and still have enough to do stuff. And it would be easier on you guys by not having to pay as much.

Just a thought.

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i'm posting as anonymous...VS. California. Ha-ha, that was a funny one! If anyone got it. ;)
2004-04-06 19:35 (link)
Whatchoo talkin' about your entries being boring and long?
That wasn't really long, and it was far from boring!
Anyway! I hope you don't freak out and in turn messing up those shirts, and I'm sure you won't mess up! Speaking of which, I saw a kid in my class who's a senior wearing a 105.1 The Disc shirt, I was like: OOOH! I know that radio station! Haha. Hopefully you and Mitch will find an apartment that's affordable and cool and stuff. That sucks that you'll have to pay bills and actually be on your own though (which is good and bad). Weren't we talking about this a couple of days ago??? Eeeeee. Just remember, to live it up while you still can and all of that, and that you're still a young fellah! You're just going to have to take on a few responsibilites, that's all. I don't really know what to say about the whole mission thing, so...I'll skip commenting about that cuz I don't know what would help, and I dunno if you're looking for some cheering-up comments in that department, but I mean well!
And as for the being single and not wanting to be anymore, like you said, you should open your eyes and start looking! You're a really cool guy, and you're extremely I'm sure you'll find that special girl, or at least some girls you can go out on a few dates on! It'll happen!

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2004-04-06 21:51 (link)
yes.. we hate that damn place... your awesome chase! u move out and u will be like all growned up.. could i come eat all your food?! hehe thats so many damn tshirts. good luck with that! i like your entry.. i got to see more of my mysterious friend. :0 chase is gettin lonely!! i am shocked... hehe not really.. but okay... you will find somebody soon cause you are the awesome! bye chase friend!

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2004-04-07 13:32 (link)
Jack that will be cool. I hate how you just get free money but only cause im jealous.
I get it! The Beautiful Mistake kicks ass! You flatter me, keep it up.

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Re: thanks...
2004-04-08 17:17 (link)
Yay! You got it! I kinda knew you would. ;) The Beautiful Mistake = AWESOME. And I will keep the compliments going if I have to and feel inclined to. Word up yo.

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