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lesa (suicidalxdoll) wrote,
@ 2003-06-18 12:57:00
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    Current mood: ditzy
    Current music:Bliss Tearing Eyes- Dead Poetic

    So this was the second to last day of school! Tomorrow it's all over! I'm so excited, I can't believe it's finally here! So today I actually did go to the awards ceremony. I saw with Kelly. It was pretty funny because the teachers were just calling out names for all these awards for excellence and I didn't get any of them. This one teacher that was speaking, he looked like a keebler elf! (lol) Oh, and I had to sit right behind Mike Fisher. This dude is just nasty. I don't think he ever washes his hair or cuts his fingernails!

    Today is my brother's 20th birthday. I have to make him a card on the computer, (lol) I'm disappointed in him though, he is friggen 20 and he still doesn't have a job! He's so lazy.

    After school today my father and I went to pick up my brother's cake at Pathmark and to get some goodies for me. So get this, my father is trying to find my cocoa so I am in the next isle and I say (loudly) "the cocoa is over here dad." And as soon as I turn around, I see this guy named Steven! He looked at me and then smiled. Ya, I felt pretty dumb. (lol) Then I went to get some cheese and a guy who works there is blocking my way! (lol) Don't you hate that? So I kinda gave him hints that I needed to be where he was so he said, "is there anything I can help you with?" I say "no, but there are just so many kinds of cheese!" (lol) Man, I felt really stupid after those two guys and they were both hot! Grr. And to top it all of, as we're driving away, I see Sam Campbell, he looks at me, and then I turned away and looked again. *sigh* Even at work he can still have all those piercings, I was suprised. He is just fucking hot, enough said. (lol)

    Kelsea, thanks for your little note thing! I love you!

    *1. Name: Lesley.
    *2. Natural Hair Color: Blonde.
    *3. Hair Color Currently: Blonde with some faded red'brownish streaks.
    *4. Eye Color At Birth : Blue.
    *5. Eye Color Currently : Green.
    *6. Height: 5'3.
    *7. Glasses/Contacts: Nope.
    *8. Birthday: February 5th.
    *9. Sign: Aquarius.
    *10. Current Age: 15.
    *11. Siblings Names: Brian'Heather'Kelly.
    *12. Location: NJ.
    *13. School Attending: Memorial High.
    *14. Current Grade: Ninth.
    *15. GPA: 3.0?
    *16. College Plans: I'm not sure.
    *17. Planned College Major: Uncertain.
    *18. Planned College Minor: Uncertain.
    *19. Any Piercings: None.
    *20. Any Tattoos: Nope.

    *1. Girl Friend(s): Julie'Kelsea'Jella.
    *2. Guy Friend(s): Nick'Bruce'Jordan.
    *3. Boyfriend/Girlfriend: I'm free.
    *4. If No, Current Dating Partner: You mean a friend with benefits? No, that's whorey.
    *5. Current Crush: *silence*
    *6. Hobbies: Field Hockey'Beach'Music.
    *7. Pager: No.
    *8. Are You Center Of Attention Or Wallflower: Wallflower.
    *9. What Type Automobile Do You Drive: -----
    *10. What Type Automobile Do You Wish You Drove: I don't know all the specific types so fuck it. How about just a green one? (lol)
    *11. Would You Rather Be With Friends Or On A Date: Friends.
    *12. Where Is The Best Hangout: Beach'Mall.
    *13. Do You Have A Job: No.

    *1. Who Is Your Role Model: No one.
    *2. What Are Your Pet Peeves: Ignorance'Whores. (just to name a few)
    *3. Have You Ever Been In Love: No.
    *5. Have You Ever Cried Over The Opposite Sex: Yes.
    *6. Do You Have A "Type" Of Person You Always Go After: Yes.
    *7. Have You Ever Lied To Your Best Friend(s): Yes, everyone has, admit it.
    *8. Ever Wanted To Get Revenge on Someone Because They Hurt You: Yes.
    *9. Ever Been Cheated On: Never.
    *10. Ever Said I Love You To A Significant Other: Yes, too bad I didn't mean it, (lol)
    *11. Rather Be Dumper Or Dumped: I don't know. They both hurt.
    *12. Rather Have A Relationship Or A "Hookup": Relationship.
    *13. Want Someone You Don't Have Right Now: Yes, he doesn't even know my name! Grr, (lol) I'm too shy.
    *14. Ever Liked Your Best Guy/Girl Friend: No.
    *15. Do You Want To Get Married: Yes.
    *16. Do You Want Kids: Yes.
    *17. Do You Believe In Psychics: Yeah.
    *18. Do You Believe You Know The Person Who You Are Going To Marry At This Point In Life: No.
    *19. What Is Your Favorite Part Of Your Body: Nothing.
    *20. What Is Your Favorite Part Of Your Emotional Being: I'm strong.
    *21. Are You Happy With You: I've learned to accept what I've got.
    *22. Are You Happy With Your Life: Yeah, I could say so.
    *23. Are You Scared Right Now?: No. Why should I be?
    *24. Depressed?: No.
    *25. If You Could Change Something In Your Life Right Now, What Would It Be: I'd rather not say.
    *26. Say Something To Someone That May Or May Not Read This That You've never Told Them, But Need To: Nope.

    >> FAVORITE:
    *1. Sports Team: I have none.
    *2. Room In house: Living Room.
    *3. Girl's Name: Kaylie.
    *4. Guy's Name: Joshua.
    *5. Person to talk to about your problems: Sadly no one.
    *6. Song: Right now.. Bliss Tearing Eyes- Dead Poetic.
    *7. Movie: A beautiful Mind.
    *8. Actor/Actress: I don't know and don't really care neither.
    *9. Beverage: Hot Chocolate, I'm addicted.
    *10. Candy: Twix. (It's all in the mix)
    *11. Family Member: Heather'Mariel'Courtney'Kelly!
    *12. Salad Dressing: No thank you.

    distant aloof cold
    A block of ice can sometimes appear to be more
    emotional than you. Try tearing down that wall
    every now and again; you might be surprised
    with the results.

    How do people see you?
    brought to you by Quizilla

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2003-06-18 16:11 (link)
haha I'm already outa school ;D
have a fun last day!!

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end of year!
2003-06-18 19:51 (link)
lol! So and So..So and So.. Lesley Katwitter..So and So..wait Katwitter..where the hell did that come from! lol Klawitter=Katwitter! haha! are you talking about Mr. Burke looking like a keebler elf? think of it he those notes took me all day yesterday! lol! despite my ear hurting i stuck it out! lol..well i love you so much! i wont see you besides tomorrow till monday! lol were gonna have so much fun! yes i cant wait its from like 4 till 11 out of the house all day on a monday! w0ot! I LOVE YOU! we have to chill over the summer! SHOWS! DAYS LIKE THESE! yes i cant wait, Love ya

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2003-06-18 21:16 (link)
Hey! Im so happy tomorrow is our last day 2! But we wont have anymore fights in 8th period with tomorrow we are gonna have to be really hyper like alwayz but we gotta juss go crazy in that class tomorrow and we have to mess with everyone and get all the guyz bacc for bothering us today and Im gonna miss all the good times we had in 8th period it was sooo fun! now we get to look foward to hockey and all the running we have to do! sounds like fun huh?!? lol see ya tomorrow love ya!!! :)

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2003-06-18 23:42 (link)
Hey there, i just felt like chiming in to say hello real quick and i cant wait for the summer really, im not doing much, but a lot of relaxing is always a good thing, and thanx for always commenting in my journal, you make me feel special, and about the whole Mike Fisher thing, if you ever talk to him, call him Goofy, i named him that, cuz he looks so damn stupid and he needs a shower bad too and he has to shave that afro he has going too, well thats all for now, ill talk to you later sometime, buh-bye

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