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lesa (suicidalxdoll) wrote,
@ 2003-05-26 11:30:00
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    Current mood: ditzy
    Current music:The Joy of Pepsi- Fine Point

    On Friday I went to the mall.I met up with Julie'Sarah.There so cool.They bought these gooey ball things.I'm in love with Julie's.For real, like I couldn't stop playing with it.I have to get one the next time I go to the mall. So after the mall, Julie'Vince'Jella'and I attempted to go to the movies to see Bruce Almighty.Of course it was all full,just my luck so we went home.

    Saturday- Bruce and I went to the movies and saw Bruce Almighty.I loved that movie.Jim Carrey is hilarious,nothing but.

    Yesterday I went to a show with Kelsea at Eugenes.The first band who played was Fine Point.The drummer was awesome,but everything else sucked.It was funny though because the dudes gave out free pepsi's,like a whole carton.Too bad that I don't like Pepsi.Next was this guy named Anderson Marchack.Wow,um,hmm,I can't eveen describe how much this dude sucked.He was singing so soft and then all of a sudden he'd scream! (lol Kelsea) It was so horrible! After that weird ass dude, Days Like These came on! Damn are they good.I love listening to them.It was cool because they played an old song (Low Five) The Anderson dude requested it.Next time I'm going to ask Angel to play Keep Smiling,I love that song.Oh,and before they played there last song, Mark (bassist) said something to Angel (singer) and Angel said "here's to you two girls,you guys are awesome!" That was so incredible.After Days Like These played, Angel came up to us and shook are hands and said, "thanks for coming out to all our shows,and we have a show the 30th" Kelsea said, "yeah, we're going!" lol she said it fast. (well, thats what I think) After that, Kelsea went to get me a shirt. (lol) I'm shy so that's why. Oh,and I forgot to mention about this guy.While Anderson was playing, this dude just came down and sat next to me and said, "what's up?" I said nothing and gave him a weird look since he's like 20.Jessica! This was the dude at Franklinville with the piercing between his eyes,you know,that skin. (lol) I'm dumb,but yeah! I was like where's his crew! The last band that played was Lenity.They had two girls in the band! How awesome is that! Anyway, they were really good and they are Christians.I can't wait to see them again.Heh, it's funny because the drummer just IM'd me a few minutes ago asking how I liked the show. (I knew him from midnight bowling)

    Today I am going to my sisters and having a barbecue.This shall be fun,even though it's raining.My sister's husbands family is coming,but later on.See,my dad can't stand there family (lol) so we are eating earlier and then leaving right before they come.Well actually, I think I might just stay there.I don't mind the family at all.Plus,they have 8 kids and 3 are my age so we can just chill.Alright well that's all,goodbye.

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2003-05-26 12:38 (link)
Ah I know. The theater in Bruce Almighty was crazy when we went. It was packed out the ass. Glad you had fun :)


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Damn straight
2003-05-26 13:23 (link)
lol... Those gooy ball things are really cool. But get this, I went home, and mine broke, all the water leaked out of it. So I couldn't play with it anymore. I was upset.

Anyway..I love goign to the mall on Fridays..


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j to the ella..
2003-05-27 15:23 (link)
yes, it's me ;] just wanted to say hi, i love you, and you never comment in my journal anymore =/

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2003-05-27 21:51 (link)
I LOVED Bruce Almighty. Hilarious. I saw it yesterday and it was packed. Hmm...I took that condom test. I got vanilla too. lol Quiz Diva has the strangest quizzes....

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