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ClaudiusMaximus (claudiusmaximus) wrote in suggestions,
@ 2004-08-17 20:33:00
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    Current mood:geeky
    Current music:Devin Townsend - Ocean Machine

    RSS 2.0 feeds for syndication

    Blurty provides an RSS 0.91 feed for each journal - mine is at The problem is that the feed is very minimal - it doesn't even have the date of the entries - so it isn't very useful. What would be much better is an RSS 2.0 feed instead, or an option of various types of feed.

    I used the Blurty style system to make an RSS 2.0 feed, I wonder if Blurty admin would like to incorporate this (in some modified form) into Blurty? The styleid is 117685, you can use it with an URL like replacing claudiusmaximus with the username of the journal you want to feedify. I'm going to start work on a version for friends pages, I'll edit this post with the styleid when I get it finished.

    EDIT: here are the RSS 2.0 styles I made:

    • 117685 - claudiusmaximus-lastn-rss20-full - the latest journal posts, only works if all your posts are valid XML
    • 117695 - claudiusmaximus-lastn-rss20-headlines - just date and subject
    • 117694 - claudiusmaximus-friends-rss20-full - the latest journal posts, only works if all your friends' posts are valid XML
    • 117696 - claudiusmaximus-friends-rss20-headlines - just date, subject and poster

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