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Steve (suckitdeansc) wrote,
@ 2004-03-30 21:53:00
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    Current mood: optimistic
    Current music:Bethoven - Fur Elise

    classical music is so good.

    today i went to jesse lacrosse game again they won this time.i have to try so hard this week in school and make sure i get marked for every class so i can practice.i want to practice so bad. i made so many good basslines and i got a new bass amp i barly you dont expect me to like eh?

    Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles
    Betty Everett - Is it in His Kiss
    Bethoven - Fur Elise
    All Yeahs Yeahs Yeahs
    Ah hA - Take on Me
    Hatebreed - This is Now
    too many emo songs
    Dr. Dre - Dre Day
    i hate niggers
    Alice Dejay
    random rock n roll songs
    josie and the pussycats
    Dust in the Wind
    blues music
    intrumental jazz

    thats all i got pretty boring, huh?

    questions for the day:

    if i died today would you cry? how long would you care for? thats my question for today...

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2004-03-31 14:45 (link)
answer to the question of the day:

yes steve. i would cry, i would probably spaz out. i think i would always care. because you dont forget your good friends, even if they arent around anymore.

dont be so drepressing steve!

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2004-03-31 15:20 (link)
Haha, well not to sound like a fag, but for your question of the day, I'd cry. And I'd care for my whole life. First of all your one of my best friends, and second of all Grimace and the Tastebuds would be dead. That's all.

Hahahah, Grimace and the Tastebuds is a great fucking name.

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