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teazinq yew x (such_a_teaze) wrote,
@ 2003-06-26 19:46:00
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    Current mood:eh-weird, stressed, n confused
    Current music:fallin in love with you - tyrese

    my first entry_ _ eh
    wow.. not in a good mood.. kinda depressed... wishing i went to the pool today.... i better go to puerto rico this summer.. i wonder if tomorrow is gunna be nice.. hmmmm...

    have u ever just felt madddd weird? yea.. im in one of those moods.. and im kinda upset that lindsay ashley and nikki went to the beach today with out me... wanna hear the messed up story?? ok yea... yesterday everything was madd chill.. we all planned on going to the beach today and i was all excited.. i got all ready.. then nikki called me cuz she was the one who was takin us.. and she was all like yeaaa.. im grounded.. sry... ::my ass:: and today i called nikkis house and her dad told me she went to the beach with the twins (lindsay and ashley) so i was like... hell nahhhh... i called nikkis cell and left a message and i was like.. u know wut.. fuck it.. dont call me and tell the twins not to bother either.. i got off the fone and cried like all day.. and no one could chill so i was maddd depressed.. and then they call me back and i started crying and they laughed at me... yea.. wut are friends for.. huh?

    anyways.. im thinkin about my plans..
    tonight_ probly nothing... i might chill with jay tonight.. he gets home from his baseball game late and then he told me hed call around 9 to see if i can chill.. thatd be kool.. i miss him after he stopped talking to me cuz i was friends with the twins... they were fightin...

    friday (tomorro)_ i think my cuzin shaenna is coming to see us... probly not tho.. if not then im chillin with chris... bluh... thatll be chill too, but uhm.. its gunna be realllyyyyy boring just chillin around the neighborhood.. and if we go to the movies or sumthin, hes buyin my shit lol... im not shure if steve and david are coming down to see me.. they sed they might... that would be kool, but i gotta figure out wut the hell is going on! lol.. oo! i might go see justin tomorrow too.. if its not too hott out (Just In Time-- my horse).. if its not too hot ill probly go riding.. even if it is hot, maybe i can wash him down with the hose or sumthin.. lol.. but then again, wut would i kno about bathing a horse? im such an ammateur or howev the hell u spell it

    saturday_ hopefully seeing Justin and riding.. i wanna learn how to canter!!! i ALMOST got it... but justin is a HUGE horse.. lol.. and when he goes fast, it always feels like ure falling off.. bluh.. 2-5 i have the Lenape Varsity Cheerleading Car Wash... my mom has to help out for that too.. lucky me.. heh.. after that i think im hanging out with mike... but i dunno tho.. cuz he invited me, but i talked to him last night and he sounded really pissed off at me for joking around with him the other night... mike is really hott too.. i wish shit was different between us..

    sunday_ church.. then chillin with justin in edison... i love jus, but we cant be together anymore cuz he lives sooo far away.. he and i were together for 6 months.. hes the sweetest, most caring, funniest guy alive.. i hope he finds a really good girl for himself.. he truly deserves it... he REALLY loves me too.. lol.. he got me gifts for our 6 month anniversary.. he got me air force ones and a belly button ring.. i cant wait to get them on sunday.. hes sooo sweet <3

    thats as far as ive planned out so far.. lol

    mondays, wednesdays, thursdays, and fridays consist of layin out by the pool and tanning.. and then cooling off in the pool lol... jenna and kylie usually join me there... jenna is my bestestestestestestest friend in the whole world.. shes the only person who has NEVER dicked me over in a way that would be mean... shes the biggest sweetheart and i love her to death.. jenna.. thanx for being a true friend..

    desiree n i have to chill soon.. i miss her.... and it was madd chill... i gotta fone call from lindsay mason today.. i miss her sooo much.. i hope shes coming back to lenape eventually.. that would be maddd chill...

    i gotta call some of my seneca friends.. i miss them too..

    ehh im done typing about my boring life for now.. bye xoxo - krisi

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