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Candy Love - tastes sweeter than your hate (subshade) wrote,
@ 2003-11-19 12:34:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:this is your life - the juliana theory.

    You say this is your life, well where is mine..?
    "YOU GAVE UP."

    Hm. There was trouble with my flight booking today. Apparently my domestic flight out of Vancouver... at 6pm, no longer FUCKING EXISTS. <3 *deep breath*. So now I have the choice of travelling from Vancouver to Prince Rupert, for the same price, or staying the night in Vancouver for $60AU [not incl. meals].

    I'm home alone. With my beads. And holy fuck I spent a lot, although the people there.. on their website it says beads over 50 etc etc. They don't tell you that they mean you have to get 50 of ONE colour. No. They don't tell you THAT. My total? Minus the 3m of leather I bought additionally... *closes eyes* ...the amount is scary. $221.70AU. T____T
    I got some pretty cool beads, but, I was a little annoyed at the price... I think I should have gotten a discount. I mean, I bought over $200AU worth of beads, and I didn't scream at them when they said it has to be 50 beads of a specific colour, I was very nice throughout the whole process.
    I had allowed approx $175AU maximum, and to be serious, it shouldn't have costed more than that on their warehouse sales pricelist.

    Anyway... moving on to much happier things... I got some frosted pony beads, oooh, they're making me dribble just thinking of them. <3 LOTS of Indian Glass Beads, which are going to be so hott on my boy. Those beads are so hott in general, but phwoar. Hm. Lots of GID as well. Much happiness. I'm just such a nice person, here's the damn link anyway, you can buy online, I think their prices are fair for warehouse, but average for retail sales.

    I'm getting picked up in three hours to go to zee pre-formal of my ex school mates' formal. It is going to be.. ... different, that's for sure. Definitely not my scene anymore, I guess because I'm past the whole school thing and stuff, it doesn't really fade me anymore. It will be nice to see a few people again though, but for the mostpart I'm only going for a couple people who I saw the other day in my pooling excursions. Anyway, I think I'm going to get half assed dressed nicely.. should I? Hm. I've been trying to decide this all day. I'm not sure whether to be dressie, or just casual. If I go casual, I'll be different and I <3 that idea, but if I go dressie, I won't regret it and think.. "hey, I looked like a dumbass." Not that I ever really think that about myself, I think I have wicked taste + a bit. hah.

    This entry is really long and pretty much all about me. And even though this is my journal, my head is blown way out of cyber proportion at the moment. I shall speak later <3

    "Everybody's scared that they'll be no-one, too..."

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