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Candy Love - tastes sweeter than your hate (subshade) wrote,
@ 2004-02-29 03:32:00
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    Current mood: jubilant
    Current music:Something Beautiful - Cauterize

    It used to be the reason that I breathed, but now it's choking me up..
    Not that eventful, but much more fun than you could imagine for nothing huge happening! Just a lot of love. Haha.. how cheesy, but true. <3

    I baked a cake today! That's right! Me! The one who, when I tried to make meringues... they turned into hard solid burnt pieces of chewy egg-white tasting cardboard. ^^ But I made it nice... fudge marble / chocolate swirl, even bub liked it... we've nearly eaten the whole thing over the past 7 hours. We also made some meat for dinner! I'm not sure if it was moose or not, though. >_>;; I don't think it was, but, you know... eep.

    The Nucks won.. bad news. Now they're closing in on the Avs, and the Avs fucking OT loss against Columbus. Boys, what's that bullshit about? A top team in the conference can't beat a bottom team? What's the NHL coming to..? Rhetorical question, lockout might prove to be the answer...

    Anyhow, I hope we go to bed soon, and I kinda don't, cause I'm not tired, but bub's playing hockey tomorrow, so we have to wake up, and that's a hard thing to do before 2pm, you know.. ha. Anyway. I like cuddles. I like emo. I like bracelets. I like UV stuff. I like Glow-in-the-Dark stuff. I like anything that glitters. But I hate gold.

    I'm going to make a new blurty for jewelry sales. I've confirmed with myself, it's going to have everything in the entry below and more. Heaven for a CandyRaver, or anybody with -TASTE-. ^___^* Maybe I'll even make some leg warmers with the cool furrrrr material I have. Maybe I'll sell them... Maybe I won't. In Any case, I have some really cool stuff that I know other people can appreciate more than I appreciate it at the moment.

    Living in Kitimat... I'm also sure, that I could sell some stuff around the area considering there's not really many cool stores here. There are two thrift stores though, so that's cool. But I have some very wicked taste to douse this town in. It will be major sweetfuzz when I'm done with it. We'll be selling all our 1 1/4" band, anime, misc pins here! It's going to be cool to give some of the kids here some personality other than posing as a skateboarder.

    It's really lame, guys. Really. Lame. ^^;

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