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Candy Love - tastes sweeter than your hate (subshade) wrote,
@ 2004-02-27 18:32:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:Everything Everyway - Sunk Loto

    Weeee. My groin was owie..
    Our hike was amazing! ^^ We saw cougar tracks, and we saw a mink on the way to the shop to stock up with Pepsi and Mountain Dew - Hiking Essentials, of course. It was very awesome.

    I was really surprised that I didn't get more owies considering we walked for hours, and I haven't done much of anything in the way of exercise, but the only parts of me that hurt were my groin and my shoulders because the backpack was getting a little heavy a couple times... Anyhow. I finally fixed the layout. Kinda. It's close enough for the moment, I'm going to create a better layout asap, this was morely a test.
    The lyrics are from "Cut from the team (cute without the 'e')" by Taking Back Sunday. Good emo.

    *pats on the head*. Well son... skittles come from storks... storks that live far away, and give lonely parents baby skittles.
    Son: Why, mama?
    Ma: Because skittles are an essential part of life. And they are loved by everyone with taste buds.
    Son: Ohhh..

    *switches on The Sopranos*

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2004-02-28 01:39 (link)
new layout kix sum serious butt! me likes *jealous* i dont have the patience to go thru the help thingo lol

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2004-02-28 04:26 (link)
heee! thankies! Normally I don't have the patience either, cause I know a fair bit of HTML, I don't normally need to do that... but I did, cause it was so fucking confusing. Ape boo. Ah well, It will do for a couple more days! ^^ *huggles*

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