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Candy Love - tastes sweeter than your hate (subshade) wrote,
@ 2004-02-06 21:18:00
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    Current mood: optimistic

    It's me now. Thanks to Jenni, I'm here! ^^
    Fine!! FINE!! ^______^

    Mweeee, okies. Here is my update. Btw, thankyou Jenni for that wonderful update... if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be writing this! I owe my writing career to you! TO YOU!

    Okay! Well! Funny little thing yesterday that's kinda.. funny. Bubble and I missed the bus... twice. We walked home for 30 minutes in -2C weather. I complained about 15 minutes of that, he gave me his jacket, I hit him ( cause I thought he'd get cold), we cuddled and continued to walk. Then I threw snow at him. He kicked it back at me. Got me a lot. But it was on his jacket, so that was okay with me! ^_~ We got home and my legs were such a cheeky red - worse than sunburn. But it was fun. Kinda.

    Today! The real steps to making SpongeFriends a real pinback button site have begun! We bought a badge maker, and a crapload of pins today. Set us back a fair bit, but they should be here within a week or two. We managed to whip them off ebay! Not the cheapest thing in the world, but the whole idea and project of it sounds fun and exciting. We'll specialize in music, anime, art and a whole array of pins and stuff! If you guys have any cool ideas for pins, let us know! We've got a fair few, but it's good to get more. o^^o

    It's my Grandpapa's birthday on Valentine's Day, and my oldest cousin's 6 days after, on the 20th. I haven't sent their cards yet.. but I hope they get there in time if they leave here Monday! I doubt it, but I got some Posters from my mama, today, that she sent just this past Friday... (don't mention time zones, you'll break my heart.. ;_;).

    Oooo. I'm also in the midst of making some really cool clothes! I'm going to make a rainbow skirt, Not quite sure if I'll pleat it yet, though, but it will be fun! A lot of rainbow things are on their way. Also, jewelry. Beaded Jewelry, clothes, badges! Boredom will never knock again...

    Okay! My update end thanks to Jenni! ^____^ *huggles Jenni and the repliers*. You guys are cool fluffballs o^~o

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rainbow-coloured love...
2004-02-08 02:17 (link) the best. <3. it makes me happy. snow is fun.

bri xox

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2004-02-08 06:52 (link)
Heee! *huggles* it really really really is... when purple and bloo and green, and [don't go all violet and proper on me now!] and and! All the other colours just mix.. they make you smile! *cuddles bri*.

You're a rainbow to me! ^__^

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