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Candy Love - tastes sweeter than your hate (subshade) wrote,
@ 2003-12-18 13:53:00
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    Current mood: happy

    Christmas Time in the City!
    I love christmas, the tree downstairs is nearly complete, bubble's mama just has to get some more hooks, we didn't really help, which doesn't really suck... because if we were to do the tree, I would prefer just himself and me, which isn't mean to his ma or anything, cause she's sweet as hell, just a preference, cause i'd like to cuddle under the branches. dude. it's a REAL tree. I'm blown away, it's so cool, the leaves and needles of each branch fall off, and christmas just feels more real this year.

    We're going to see Lord of the Rings in a few days! When his brother comes here from Calgary, I haven't met him yet, so it should be interesting. LOTR Has already won my heart, I <333 the leader of the elf army! I can't remember his name... but he was the coolest character. I love their hair too, it's fun!

    My bubble wants FFX-2 for christmas, but we couldn't find it in Terrace which sucks. I got him a wicked present though, he said he always wanted one, so it will be sweeet. I'm also getting him a few other things that will be pretty cool to see his reaction. He knows his big present, which is gonna be a stereo, but that's okie cause he wants it, so he's putting in for that, as well.

    Hm! There's snow around still, like bundles of snow, I'm sure it's nothing to the people that live here I guess, but it's like woah! to me. Hehe, I can't wait to go out and run around in it and have a snowball fight. I got the warmest jacket from [not off the net, so I can't reccommend them via net purchase] , it's a creamy-white colour, and it has fluffiness around the hood's lining, and oh it comes halfway down my thighs, and it's so cute and nice. I LUFF IT!

    anyway, long enough entry! in short, everything is cuddly and nice and happy, and i love it. I love it all.

    Mmmm. Wufff

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K-Kittie wuffffs you. <33.
2004-01-05 04:06 (link)
I'm so relieved that everything is going well. You sound like you're having a great time, and eek...i'm so happy for you!
Chuck us an email when you get time, I'd really love to hear about what's going on...I miss you, bub.

*cuddles and kissies*


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Cass :D
2004-01-07 05:55 (link)
Hey Cass,

Tis great to hear that things are great. LOL. not much else. *lots of hugs*


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