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Sinner (subliminal36) wrote,
@ 2004-08-13 14:41:00
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    well it is long over due for an update so here one is...

    Me and Heather are officially dating and its been a month we have been together. I'm having so much fun with her, it's great. When shes around I feel happy and comfortable but when she isn't around I seem to smoke alot more and feel bored tired and alone. I love her company.
    Let's see what else has happened lately...Andrew is still at OK. with his brother and Jesse, Me and Phil have been working lately and we dont hang out as much as we used to we are all either at work or school or with a girl. I've been picking things up pretty fast at McDonald's I hardly mess up any orders or need manager help on anything, I only need help when someone gives me too high of a bill (like a $100) or then give me a promo card for a free sandwhich. I stock the cups, take orders and clean the lobby and bathrooms in my time there it's all very easy when you remember where everything is. I just dont like working mornings cause people are cranky and yell alot in the morning.
    With school alls been well I still have been there every day its not hard to do it but its tiring to walk there its up hill oh well atleast i get to sit down when im there. My classes all suck pretty much cause I'm stuck with with one teacher four nights a week for 2 classes who cant read and doesnt know how to teach he just speaks to us and when we ask a question he says hes not sure but will find out and thats all we here about it. those two classes are Database Applications like Access and shit like that and the other is Cisco Networking, something i want to learn but doesnt seem like it will happen since he appears incompetent. Oh, yeah, my friday night class seemed cool till the teacher saw what I could do with HTML and said he didnt want to waste my time cause he wont go into such depth as i know...sad this is i dont know much. so imma try and test outta that class so i dont waste his or my time.

    Well Heather is on her way so imma head out now....I'll leave ya with my fave qoute from Interview with the Vampire...."Evil is a viewpoint, God kills and so shall we; Idiscrimetnly He takes the richest and the poorest and so shall we; for no two creatures are, as we are, none so like Him, as ourselves...

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2004-08-15 02:07 (link)
congrats. i'm happy that you found someone.

Your friend

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