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mel (style_guru) wrote,
@ 2005-03-03 01:55:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:none

    soraya. that's who it is.
    annmari just found out from brett.

    i'm actually taking it really well.
    i don't feel upset about it at all.

    this was just the thing that made me realize the type of person that jon jon is and the type of people that he will always associate with. i was like in denial about that for so long, but let's face it.. as much as he fooled me with his whole "i'm gonna change" bullshit. he didn't fool anyone else. i should have known it. it was a wonderful experience, being with him, but now it's time to face the facts... i know that he and i just aren't meant to be. he and i are at two different ends of the spectrum. and if we are meant to be together it will never happen. because well, he's disgusting. [<-- that sounded so childish but i don't know what other word to use.] and i have too much respect for myself.

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2005-03-03 10:58 (link)
Your better than HiM!!! SmIlE hunnie =)

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Re: BeTtER!
2005-03-06 23:03 (link)
thanks =)

ps: let me know which shoes you ended up getting! lol

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2005-03-06 20:32 (link)
Mel, you dont even need me to describe all the wonderful things about you, and neither does anybody else, because they all know them. You are such an amazing person and I love you so much. If jons gonna be an oblivious guy who just lets the best thing he ever had goign for him go .. then its not worth it. no sweat off your balls hunni. and of all people SORAYA? oh mann oh mann.. I wish i was still in fl, id have ur back thru this all and we'd be having fun! i hope u know im always still here for you and im glad to see you're being strong, you are a wonderful role model mel, stay strong your the best and i love you! muah
xoxo dani

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2005-03-06 20:34 (link)
Mel, you are such an awesome person and the last thing you need is jon to bring you down if thats all hes good for. I cant believe he would stoop down to soraya, and your eyebrow lady is right -- she will never come close to youir level. melis you are an amazing woman and a great role model and im glad to see your so strong thru this all. i wish i could be there now and make u forget about this drama n party hardy but im not, but dont fret im still here for u 110% :) i love you soo much and your amazinng. i love you
xoxo dani ps we needa talk , i neeed help

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2005-03-06 20:35 (link)
lol damn computer, two comments that say the same thing, im a ditz sry hehe xoo

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2005-03-06 23:05 (link)
lol.. i hate when my computer does that!

well, thanks for the comment. it really makes me feel good knowing that you're still there. reading this and always giving advice! i hope you know that i'm here for you always and forever too!! i miss you so much. and i'm here for you so write me an email let me know whats going on with you! or just catch me online sometime.

love you!

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