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Jp (stupidpplsuck) wrote,
@ 2003-12-23 22:25:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music: Blink-182 - Happy Holidays, you Bastard

    Christmas eve eve
    Today was... well it was a day. I went to school like normal, got christmas stuff, came home, and i was supposed to go into work at 2... so i did. i got there, and the lady that i was covering for showed up... so i called my mom and went home, then i went to lances. we skated for a little bit, skated in the middle school again, haha, and then we just hung around his house watching tv. his dad came home and made us filet mingon... i was like ahhhh it was really good... then of couse my mom had to come right as i was eating dinner and tell me to leave... i ended up staying at lances and his dad took me home, and ive just been playing guitar and watching tv all night. 2morrow is christmas eve, and im excited. good times. oh yea, jon just called me, and hes in cincinatti... so hes gonne be gone for 10 days at his dads, but its cool cause he never sees him, and now he gets to... yea. i think all im doing 2morrow is wrapping all of the presents and then im going to my dads... so to everyone i didnt get to say it to, merry christmas!

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