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Jessica (stupidemoaddict) wrote,
@ 2004-08-28 21:45:00
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    Current mood: naughty
    Current music:otep : jihad

    still here at my dads (well obviously..) today was kinda kewl i guess..i took another shower cos i felt disgusting from the chlorine in my aunts pool. my dads got a whirlpool jacuzzi thing n one of those sunflower shower heads that feels like rain. its cooler than the other side of the pillow. when dad came home from work we all went to aunt lindas. christina and rachel were gonna go swimming but they forgot there bathing suits so aunt linda gave them t-shirts n they went swimming in them. dad went back home for a while to take a shower n whatnot n he came back later. katie came out n we talked for a while about concerts n school n the heat n all that good crap n ate dinner n then she left to go to her b.fs (ive recieved confirmation that his name is brent). kelly was out by the pool for a lil while then he went to get a dog bed for lacey then when he came back he mostly stayed inside. i found out that what he smelled like [probably] wasnt pot but vanilla cigars. we left about 6.00 n went to walmart (god i hate that place) to get rachel some new shoes cos hers broke. tomorrow we are prolly gonna go see a movie. wendy was gonna suggest to my dad that we go to new hope PA but i dunno if hell take us cos he can be a poop sometimes.

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2004-08-28 22:20 (link)
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