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aragorn of arathorn (striderranger) wrote,
@ 2004-01-10 09:44:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:Under Pressure by David Bowie

    Old friends, new friends and some blue friends :-(
    So T introduced me to some of her "new" friends. They're very cute and a little wild. I've never seen Richie(where was Emily?) so animated. Maybe it was Frank or the girls I don't know which. Charlie stayed under control-it was Friday you know the worst day of his week. I like having T's friends over. It gives me a whole new perspective on life (or is it deja vu?)

    Too bad about A-hope he works things out. I'm sure they will all miss him. He seems to be a good friend.

    They went to the mall-for such a short time I can't imagine why? Maybe to make a connection or see Marty as Security Guard (Hey don't spread any false rumors that would be very hurtful to too many people. It's good to talk to someone new with some interests in common-like teenaged kids.). I hope it wasn't to pick up something illegal-that would be too bad. They're zany and creative enough. I have a feeling I'll be seeing more of them.

    Aaaargh! I almost set the kitchen on fire-NEVER LEAVE THE KITCHEN WHEN SOMETHING IS ON THE STOVE!!!!! I couldn't stop the alarm. A policeman and the fire chief came to the door. The house was spewing smoke just a few minutes earlier.

    Well, T went to Jo's house overnight-I hope they're keeping the fun down to a legal level. I don't know when she'll come home-maybe she'll call first. Of course I'll worry-I always do lately-too emo for my taste but as always I'm stuck between seeing things as fun and then I remember my "parental responsibiliy" It would beso much easier to say have a great time, do what you wnt. Oh, well. I just wish I was the kid not the mom..(Gee, I used to want to be the Mom not the kid-being a kid was too lonely and difficult. Oh,well. )

    Be safe kids. I'll pray for ALL of you!

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2004-01-16 08:09 (link)
aww aunt nancy i love u... whenever ur feeling blue come to our house! hehe -alicia-

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2004-01-22 10:58 (link)
Thanx, Alicia ;^D

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