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aragorn of arathorn (striderranger) wrote,
@ 2003-12-01 09:49:00
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    Current mood: lazy
    Current music:Tin Man Syndrome

    Another One Bites the Dust
    Well, another weekend is over. It started with calling in sick Friday-yeah, I really was feeling aweful-a fire inside. We went to see a movie-trying to get the old dating days feeling back-oh, well. Couldn't get tickets to the Elf showings we wanted so we opted for Gothika-ha, ha my choice. It was suspenseful, not a 5 star but not bad. Came home early and waited to pick up T.
    Saturday, of course is all about T-day. That's OK. It's great to have friends to hang with as long as they're taming it down-the rebeliousness that is. I'm trying to not be the heavy-I think I'm doing OK, but I still have to be the"Mom". Not too cool for me. Some might think I'm too involved-screw that. The kids need to be somewhere besides surfing the mall and the backlots trying to get high. So what if they are-that's between them and their family-they need a place to chill, oh, yeah, and a ride home.
    When their fun is over I get to go to work-I actually get to hangout and talk with someone in my own realm-even though it's only at work. Major stress release!
    Sunday I planned to go to church but never made it. I stopped and got more meds for my burning gut on the way home from work. I passed out after trying to rouse the sleeping beauties who weren't going to budge. When we finally woke up T seemed to be in a huff-I don't know why, I guess she doesn't want me to interfere with her sleepy brain-can't talk to her sometimes it gets pretty annoying. She was alone all day maybe that had something to do with it-everyone stayed home.
    My son got ready to go back to school and left at 3:30 made it there by 10:30-not bad. His "visit" went ok-saw all the important people. We saw him for a few minutes which was OK. He spent Thanksgiving and Wednesday's dinner with us. His cousins were happy to see him. He didn't get to say goodbye to Charlie.
    Sunday after dinner T and I watched Finding Nemo-very beautifully done and good story-it was fun. I have to watch it with Charlie,too or I'll be in trouble(again?).
    Well, now it's Monday and I'm wasting time on the computer. I have to get back to working around the house-oh,boy, oh,boy.

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2003-12-19 15:20 (link)
Hi Mrs. Weber!!!!!!!!!!!

(Reply to this) (Thread)'re afraid of revealing your true identity!
2003-12-21 20:59 (link)
I can't believe someone actually noticed!

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