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Jake-currentfave-BlackWidow (streetballmob) wrote,
@ 2004-11-03 14:12:00
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    by the way, yesterday was the first time i ever voted....and bush won anyway. I don't understand how people can believe he is a better war president if he didn't think things through before dumping all that money into iraq...I mean forget all the accusations about no weapons of mass destruction, etc. It may have been impossible to know they didn't have any. But the plan of attack was rushed...And he didnt think ahead...The ahead im talking about is having troops over there right now, not as many as we need to patrol all the borders and start the reconstructive process. What it comes down to, is money spent, a hug deficit we will all be paying for, for years to come, alienating us from our allies in the process...What it comes down to is needing more troops we dont have, possibly requiring a draft....And i know in the debate he said he wasnt going to reinstate the draft, but he's lied before, what makes you think he will not lie again to better serve his interests? I mean thank god gabriel is not 18 yet, but this war may last a very long time...

    I do feel saddam needed to go down, so dont interpret what im saying to mean that war was not necessary. But it needed to be handled with more thought..And in a chess game like that, kerry is definitely the intellectual. He does think 5 steps ahead..He was a decorated soldier in vietnam who faced the brutalities of war first hand (no matter what people may think of him, he stood up for what he believed in and showed character). I dont even believe the nonsense about being a flip flopper because I do believe he was for the war, but purely not for the way it was executed...And i feel the same way...executed poorly.
    And come on, bush ragged on him when he was able to avoid the draft himself, thanks to daddy bush. I dont blame him either..If you had the opportunity to not face it, you probably wouldn't, and it would be a smart move. But who is really more qualified?

    There is nothing we can do now, but just hope that we dont have a draft, that we by some miracle capture osama, as well as keep our allies...Things can still be saved, or "undone" if handled diplomatically...sounds like a job for clinton, in terms of diplomacy :-)

    Let also hope all the inability to separate church from state issues are not concerns in the next 4 years...the big ones, pro choice, (we have the money for stem cell research, which is great, 3 billion dollars in ca, yay!)

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