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Jake-currentfave-BlackWidow (streetballmob) wrote,
@ 2004-10-29 10:12:00
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    amputee pageant
    Ok...weird title but it made my morning. Today on the show, howard had an amputee beauty pageant. The idea was originated by Chaunce (arguably one of the shows most hated guests), this red headed guy that completely annoys me. Well, to be truthful, most red headed guys annoy me lol. But his creepy personality and fetish for girls with "stumps", saying he licks and rubs on the stumps and is able to give a girl an orgasm by rubbing her stump. Pretty creepy... To make a long story short, howard, robin, fred, artie and chaunce were all judges. Girls were given sets of points from 1-10 based on 3 categories; looks, personality, and the severity of the amputation (the stump). Chaunce made comments about each of the women, one of them particularly drew his attention as she was beautiful, had a bubbly optimistic personality, and her left arm was missing. He said he couldnt be more in love with her. And he'd be less attracted if she had the arm. Howard was a bit weirded out by Chaunce, but the game was interesting to him and he kept it live. The girl Chaunce liked, ended up winning overall. But there was another girl, who sounded less attractive (keep in mind this is a radio show, i didnt see her) but had a sad story...On top of having no leg, her dad stole her insurance money that was going to pay for a new one. Chaunce asked her a stupid question; "has anyone ever told you that you resemble Glenn Close?" (RETARD)...And howard and artie stuck up for her commenting she looked nothing like glenn close (actress from fatal attraction), and artie added, has anyone ever told you (to chaunce) that you look like George Clooney? LMAO So it... Howard added she was beautiful. Anyway, when she lost the contest, howard had to ask the girl how much a new leg costed, and she said 12,000. (expensive)...

    Howard said; Well, I'm gonna pay for your new leg (in a very sincere voice, not wanting any credit)...Everyone was shocked, because usually the crew has to abide by the contest guidelines (because most people try to take advantage), but like the tinman with no heart, who actually had the most, howard spoke out and told the girl not to worry...

    Thanks Howard, you truly made my day, as you always do......I'm in a great mood, ready for a fun weekend :-)

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