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Jake-currentfave-BlackWidow (streetballmob) wrote,
@ 2004-10-20 12:02:00
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    The Yankees
    I am so annoyed at myself. I wore my white xxl long sleeved yankees tshirt to work.

    I have brooklyn pride, even though i love LA, and am annoyed by new yorkers who think better of themselves because they live in the city. Their pride is indicated by putting up with many of new yorks displeasures, but in turn they view themseleves as having greater access to the city's rich culture, theatre, museums and monuments, etc.. In their mind, it translates to being more cultivated themselves. But most of the people I know in new york who are self proclaimed proud new yorkers have never gone to a big play, or done anything past climbing to the top of the statue of liberty as a kid, or looking down from the empire state building.

    Nevertheless, we have a girl working here from boston, who is a die hard red sox fan. I wore the shirt to spite her. I dislike her. She is very smart, sharp, cleverly sarcastic, witty, but I don't like her. She flaunts it a little too much, talks in a low voice (clearly a mixed up man) though not a lesbian. (She always calls her long time boyfriend on the phone (her voice is extra loud and bassy), Chris (androgynous name) and calls him "Chief", bostonian term of endearment... I bet she read books about how to move up the corporate ladder effectively as a woman, books probably written by men. All of her business related conversations are snubly moved to emails. If someone asks her a question of any kind, she'll tell them to write her an email, and in her reply, she will copy her direct manager, or the whole team. Sometimes it's a question a newbie will write, and feel kind of embarrassed he/she doesn't know the answer to, and came to her because she he/she trusted her as a good authority on the matter. And the question is then viewed by everyone, along with the answer. She will state the answer in such a way as to say that everyone who had the same question, can view the answer (like FAQ) =). I find her methods vile. I find her inamicable. I plain don't like her. I would never treat someone like that..Never never never. When someone asks me anything, even if i'm in the middle of something really important, I love to take time and help, and develop a personable relationship with that person. And I'm not even that outgoing.....But Im humane.
    I don't even like baseball. But I like the shirt. Something about the handwriting , the navy blue Yankees logo. I spilled two single small brown droplets of iced coffee (strong chocolate/caramel swirled), (wasn't even that great, but woke me up in a hurry) right in the middle of it. Janet, i could care less if the red sox win/lose tonight to the yankees personally. But since it means so much to you that the red sox win after their long bambino curse, I sincerely wish the curse lives on to displease you....It's the least they can do for all those nice good people out their who are subliminally scrutinized by highly intelligent people like yourself, rather than showing some empathy, a quality that separates us from the animal kingdom...Actually, dogs, cats, definitely dolphins, probably have better developed empathy than you've displayed callously in your work manner.

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