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Jake-currentfave-BlackWidow (streetballmob) wrote,
@ 2005-05-10 14:45:00
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    i was at cedars sinai today, just coming out of the post op for the right "knee" thing. I was in an allen iverson tshirt (it would fit you as a dress), and really baggy shorts. but i wasn't black. I am pretty white (and my nickname was edward scissorhands on the playgrounds but not because of my skintone, and no i dont look like johnny depp, even on his worse day wearing eyeshaddow. This guy just started calling me ed-wad-scizzahands and it spread. beats me...) and i was waiting for my ride. I was crutching around and anxiety was riddling my tired left foot. i tried to sit down, but it was kind of a 1 footed squat, with my right knee shaved delicately and immobilized strappingly. You then came out and laid these latin eyes out at me. You smiled, infecting my knee with it, making my left leg growing wabbly on the squat. I didn't smile back, I never do. Sorry, I always think about why i didn't and beat myself up over it 5 minutes later but the moment passed and i'd forget 10 minutes later.
    Even though I didn't smile, I looked directly in your eyes, burningly. (i tend to do that because thats what you have do to survive Bay Ridge, but not out here) You had enough confidence to approach me, bend over, and lift my right heel, taking all the pressure off and allowing my butt to park gracefully to the cement block railing. Thank You. Then you walked off and strutted your round mound of golden brown sugar at me. Then you looked back at me before you crossed the street and i turned my head casually, pretending my heel had never been lifted. Then you walked across the street and were about 77 yards away from me...You turned your head again to look at me. This time I looked and you smiled again. I just want to tell you I enjoyed your spontinaety...was it as good for you as it was for me? ahhhhhhhhhhh

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