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Jake-currentfave-BlackWidow (streetballmob) wrote,
@ 2005-02-28 16:21:00
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    mi-chellllle - audrey tautou in god is great
    so this weekend i watched the whole 3rd and 4th season of curb your enthusiasm..laughed histerically of course. I'd have to say it goes down as my favorite comedy series of all time. Larry David is a comic genius. Pretttty good, pretttty preeeeeeeettttty preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettty good :-)

    Also im a huge audrey tautou fan. She is my favorite actress. I am completely in love with her - personality, face, big black childlike mischievous eyes, total package. And all but one of her movies are in french, which actually makes it more impressive that im so taken by her even despite the fact shes french.

    Ok so i have seen:

    1. amelie - fell in love with her
    2. dirty pretty things - first english speaking role where she plays a turk of all people...interesting yet minor role
    3. the spanish apartment - again dissapointed by her minor appearance
    4. he loves me, he loves me not. Despite the fact she is a fatal attraction psychopath in this, i still say she can boil my bunny..or my hot dog
    5. God is great, and so am i - just seen it this weekend... She's overly romantic, consumed by childish excesses...what a doll. What a grin. I'm ready to mary the bitch and spit out a few kids jk but not really
    6. looks like i missed a very long engagement in theatres so i downloaded it, but cant find any subtitles. I may have to wait to rent the dvd when it comes out.
    7. have not seen happenstance or venus beauty institute - maybe i will, just to give tribute.

    also, yesterday, ehhh ehh ehhhhhhhh, and im tired cuz i went to sleep at 2.


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