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LiNz (strawberryfeild) wrote,
@ 2004-02-04 19:41:00
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    Current mood:geeky

    ho0ced oN f0nicZ
    Well since one of my dearest lovely friends have commented on my tremendous uncorected grammar and english skills. So today on my Blurty Journal im goin to try and type as perfectly as possible! How fun. I'm even capatilizing, punctuating, spelling correctly and ending my sentence with a period. So yea as I was about to say today was cool I went to the Boces feild trip in Oakdale where I took a Cosmetology class and Fashion Designing to see how it was. I know they sound girly and shit but I like fashion and clothes so thats what I'm going for next year. Justin was suppose to come over today but his mom was being a meany...I'm planing a big suprise for his birthday he's going to be 18 years old holy shit pretty cool there now hehe. Well this shit is gettin really anoying and its taking me forever lol fuck it I'm accually really good in English it's my best subject but fuck it online i can give a shyt fuck the bullshyt fuck it haha i went all out there so yea tj n heather lieke achother which is mad cute they wanna get together sunday with me n justin it b kool if they had a thing goin on too but well see wut happens i miss justin god well im gettin boring i dotn even see how u guys read my bulllshyt so ill leave


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2004-02-05 17:32 (link)
Yo bitch-wut up...whoever posted that thing about your typing skills was funny as hell-u really gotta read a DICtionary instead of well...hahahahaha-neway im just screwin witcha ur blurty is amusin 2 read so keep updating this shyt lol ttyl~allie

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