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jake (strangegods) wrote,
@ 2003-11-16 03:29:00
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    "At the edge of the world looking up"
    I may end up making a habit of these 3 AM posts, but I guess first I would need to make a habit of posting in the first place. Posting wouldn't be a problem if I felt I actually had something worthwhile to say. Granted, it hasn't stopped me before, but it'd be nice to say something poignant for a change. At least it's good practice in honing my rambling ability. Maybe one day I can turn my verbal indiscretions into real conversation.

    Fortunately, my $150 reappeared in my account. Apparently, checks enjoy taking their sweet ass time to post to my account. Unfortunately, however, it'll take a lot more than $150 to dig my credit card out of oblivion. I'm stopping by the Jefferson estate tomorrow to get my loan information. I honestly can't imagine trying to make it through the holidays without some financial assistance. I have enough to worry about without contending with money. Of course things aren't so bad. I'm making enough money to maintain my lifestyle after all, but with preexisting credit card debt, I'd be much better off paying off that account with loan money than trying to fight it back on my own. 13.9% APR vs. something like 2.5%... it doesn't take a CPA to figure out which is better.

    Well, I'm off to fill my empty bed. I can't deny my loneliness tonight. I was going to see Kelly, but I was caught in the torrent of gameday traffic. I invited Amber to see a movie with me tomorrow, but alas, her family is visiting. And Natalie, well, I didn't hear from her tonight at all, and that's pretty rare as of late.

    I guess those are enough musings for an early morning.

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2003-12-30 00:43 (link)
and WRITE goddamnit!

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