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dyana marie (stop_hammertime) wrote,
@ 2003-08-24 16:13:00
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    Current mood:kickin it
    Current music:even stevens

    and this, my friend, is where it ends...
    blurty is way too much like dj and lj. niki i have a dj code you can have if you want it :-p anyway, my parents ETA is 18:00 i'm scared for them to come home, i'm all fucking paranoid about leaving 40s bottles and pizza boxes out, shit son. anyway, i febrezed the downstairs and i gotta vaccuum, i refuse to get caught today. on a lighter note, i ate the worlds best food today, and they fucked it up so i have a free giant meal next time i go lol its badass. my brothers on his way over to get my parents care to pick them up at the airoport. i'm ready for life to go back to normal i think, and i wish i woulda seen Niki yesterday, you shoulda called! I spent all day yesterday, like 4 hours at Lloyd Center with my madre, got some badass cuffed pants with this chain thingy, a rad polka dot top, and a vinyl pink and black purse with a pink d on it. it owns. I'm gonna go enjoy a turkish refreshment with john, and wind this party down. tata

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