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Jenn (stickyplastic) wrote,
@ 2004-01-06 19:35:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:Blink 182- THe party Song

    Back after two weeks!
    Then i saw her standing there.. Gotta love the party song. Wow after two weeks of sleepn in late stayn up hanging with friends.. I woke up an 1/2 hour later still haha and didnt look too purrty today. But yea school went by fast today and it was kinda boring..just final talk..and reviews..Chris and Allan ran away which everyone already knows..but it seems their back so soon..? Im not saying anything.. I have somuch reviewing to do for French im not gonna pass. I seriously do try in that class. It may not look like it but I really do. Its never good enough though.

    Cameron quit Papa J's!! Its sad he was like the life of work he always would pick on us and it give us something to do. But now we have to deal with Keith..egh ((shivers in disgust)). I havent talked to Jessie in a while buy I do see her alot ..we just kinda smile and half wave it amuses me =) shes still wicked cool. I thought "wicked cool" was called for..hahaI dont know why but today I felt extra rosey like happier because my friends gave me hugs and made me feel happy again..I love that feeling and when its taken away from me thats when I get moody and bitchy and I apologize for have done that in the past..and for doing it in the Future..well Im not quite sure what else to say right now...

    Lauren I love you.........=)

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