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Stella The Diver (stellathediver) wrote,
@ 2003-02-19 15:10:00
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    pt.2 of my new jules story
    Last night went sorta okay. Outside of Ryan "being more anal" then Albert according to Nick, everything went smooth. Now we are meeting again tonight at "El Taco." I've always liked tacos so I'm not complaining! When I got there Nick, Ryan, and Fab were there. Of what I saw I understood Fab and Lucas (I didn't notice Lucas was there)
    Fab: Since this is a mexican joint, I'll speak spainish to you guys all night.
    Lucas: Alrighty amore!
    Fab: Your acting like an "El Bitcho" tonight Ryan.
    Ryan: How about your being "el asshole?"
    Fab: funny shit man!!
    Nick: I'm hungry stupido's!
    Fab: You can't speak spainish worth shit nick.
    Nick: Does it look like a give a fuck? I want a grilled cheese and a martini!!!
    Ryan: They don't have grilled cheese.
    Fab: Give him the nachos.

    then Albert and Nikolai walked in....
    Albert was wearing a sombrero and insisted we all call him "Alberto."

    Albert: HOLA!!!!!
    Nikolai: I will not wear a hat Albert..
    Alberto: You wore a cowboy hat once!!
    Nikolai: Fab made me do it!!
    Fab: No you made me!
    Albert: Whatever!
    Nick: Albert just shut up and kiss Ryan's ass some more
    Albert: With pleasure!
    Nikolai: Nick your in a bitchy mood
    NicK: mmhmm
    Me (Jules): IS THERE A POINT TO ALL THIS?!?!?!?
    Ryan: No there isn't
    Nikolai: Nope
    Nick: Fuck off guys! :-P
    Alberto: Make me!
    Nick: I'd love to!
    Albert: What? You'd love to kiss Lucas' ass?!
    Nick: Don't drag him into this
    Lucas: Come here albert sweetie!
    Alberto: God dammit lucas!!! The name is Alberto!
    Lucas: Sorry Alberrrrrto!
    Alberto: Let me kiss your ass now!
    Ryan: Okay guys! enough!

    then Matt and Juliet walked in looking like a couple, even though they aren't...atleast I don't think they are.

    Alberto: Bitch you stole my woman!!!!
    Matt: Whore don't call me a bitch!! :-P
    Alberto: Make love to me Matthew!!!!!!
    Lucas: NO ME!!!
    Alberto: 3-some!!!!
    Juliet: Make it four!!!
    Ryan: Jesus Christ! Listen!!
    Nick: What?
    Ryan: Order your food, eat it, and shut the fuck up! :-P
    Alberto: Your right Nick! He is more anal than me!!
    Nick: told you!
    Nikolai: who is paying?
    Me (Jules): Ryan? EVERYONE AGREE?
    Everyone (cept Ryan): AGREE!!
    Ryan: You guys are always picking on me, it used to be Matt! Damn you Matt!
    Matt: hehehehe


    I have no plans tonight. Yes me old Jules has nothing to do. Hmm... Matt should be stopping by anytime now. But I dunno if he has any ideas of what to do. Doubt it. Maybe I could write a new song and title it “I’m in love with Jack White.” Oh there is an idea! So I shall call up Jack White on the phone!
    Jack: Hello?
    Me: What the fu** is up?!?!
    Jack: Ah, Julian! I was just trying to do something...
    Me: What?
    Jack: Never mind it.
    Me: Come over!
    Jack: Okay.
    Me: Pick up a few of the guys too!

    About an hour later Jack brought over the other 4 Strokes over. Then Matt finally came over.
    Jack: I’m hungry
    Me: There is no food here.
    Albert: Hop in the car! Pizza and beer for all!!

    That was a big mistake. Albert drives like a manic. He ran 2 stop signs and finally I forced him to pull oveer and let Nikolai drive. THANK GOD! As soon as we got there about 5 screaming girls ran up to us. It was their lucky night, because Jack was with us. We were actually polite. And you will never guess who was in the pizza place. None other than Adam god dam* Green!! I ran up to him and kissed him, which I suppose was un-called for. But I LOVE ADAM GREEN!!! My favorite boys were there, Jack and Adam. Screw Albert! Hehehehe. I have no idea why Adam was there. But he was there and that’s all that mattered. He had all these girls looking at him and going up to him and stuff. The lucky bas****! Wait....I get girls that do that kinda stuff to me all the time....but he is still lucky.

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2004-03-25 20:37 (link)
Some friends from high school are trying to track down Lucas. It sounds like you know how to contact him. My email is - please help! Whoever finds him first wins $100 - I'll split it with you. Thanks.
- Nicole

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