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Stellar* (stellar0819) wrote,
@ 2003-04-21 23:10:00
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    wow, what a long time since my last journal entry. Lets see, on friday I went to Disneyland with Sara, Lisa, Vicky and Jimmy. I had a blast- we also got to go into California Adventure as well. The best part wasnt the rides, but just spending time with some friends. Saturday I spend the night at Jp's house and watched the 6th sense. After at around 2, we snuck out and picked up amber. I had to push the car out of JP's driveway so we wouldnt get caught. I got to drive his dads SUV while they sat in the back doing i dont know what. :) We went on the freeway and JP accidently entered a toll road.. he searched around the car for 50 cents. We were damn scared. lol .. then around 4, amber recieved a message from his brother saying "YOU SHOULDNT BE DOING THIS", she was screaming and we were all kinda scared for her. It turns out at the end we all safely went back home and slept. On sunday i worked on the english hw.. it took me around 4 hours to do.. pretty crazy stuff... but i have a better perspective on Vietnam! Now i must go study for some spanish and eat an orange. see ya ... im gonna post some pix from d land later. :)

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