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Stellar* (stellar0819) wrote,
@ 2003-04-10 23:52:00
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    herro.. well nothing much has been happening much lately. Grades are rising. It seems like grades are the only thing i care about anymore. Whoa.. Lil Kims song is fucking dirty... anyways, the only reason why we do our hw, study for tests, and take in our teachers shit is for the sole reason to get good grades... In a way it has taken away our true identity and our voice that were promised in the US of A. teachers oppress their students just because they can. Like the words of Cassius of Julius Caesar, the only reason they have such power is because we give it to them. I truly think through some kind of petition type paper, we can fight for justice. hahah a bit extreme.

    sometimes i lay in my bed wanting to never wake up. In other words, i want to die. Is it normal to feel suicidal? I mean i am truly in a state of happiness, i have nothing to complain about, but life i feel is going way to fast. ONe test grade can drop your whole grade 10 percent, one rumor can make you friendless, one job lay off may mean poverty. This is the reason why we ever created the Remote Control. We can never capture all the essential information to understand the movie were trying to watch the first time, therefore theres a rewind button in order to play back the places we missed. Then theres the fast forwards button to speed pass the boring scenes. Then the most important button of all- the pause button. Sometimes we just need to sit down and put in a good CD and just THINK about our lives. I have surely done this very much lately with my Coldplay, Norah Jones, Play collection. :)

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