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Stellar* (stellar0819) wrote,
@ 2003-07-02 22:33:00
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    Current mood:amused
    Current music:natalie imbruglia- beauty on the fire

    a new entry for you.
    There IS someone out there. Ya know, sometimes you suddenly feel like you lack something. I know i do, i need a companion. This may be a little mushy but its the truth. I want someone to hang around and hug... i think its been far to long since my last partner. Whoa.. im getting a bit too emotional lately with my entires, i think im going through a phase where i need attention.. and maybe from writeing these "emotional" entries, i will get some feedback and attention from you. But the more i think about it, the less that makes sense. What does not make sense is why i have to wait so long for someone to fall for, while others get new girlfriends as if they were pairs of underwear

    now that that is out of my system.. i will recap what happened. Well i went to the gym with chris again. I ran a few miles and biked another few. Ate subway afters and am now sitting here listening to the saddest music i can imagine. I hate music that totally changes your perspective. Damn YOU NATALIE IMBRUGLIA, DAMN YOU FROU FROU!

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