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stay just a little bit longer (staythenight) wrote,
@ 2003-02-04 21:08:00
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    Current mood:tired
    Current music:home grown - kiss me, diss me

    School was shitty today but I don't even wanna get into that. I really hate it there I cry myself to sleep sometimes. It's not like I'm unpopular or I get picked on, I just hate it and I feel like I can't act like myself I can't wait to go back to MDB next year.

    Anyway I went to the mall after school I bought a pair of black pants, and a red sleeveless turtleneck. And I bought this little butterfly shapped thongs they were cute, and some wristbands with a red star on them from Hot Topic. I really hate how Hot Topic has become some big Avril fan shop. It's annoying, I got offered a job though. I would love to work there, get to chill and listen to music all day and not really have to do much because they were molesting the rug when I went in there and he did something to it and was like, " I hope you didn't want to buy this!" and I was like, "oh its okay I will pretend I never saw" and he followed me around and kept adding things to my purchase he was funny he's like, "oh well I'm allowed I'm the manager." But then we went to dinner and it was good or something then I came home and watched American Idol.

    Tomorrow is Wed. it's an early day so I get out at 1:25, that's a whole hour I don't have to be there. I am quitting my singing lessons. 100 bucks a month isn't worth it. I'm going to talk to people or something now.

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