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stay just a little bit longer (staythenight) wrote,
@ 2003-02-03 16:43:00
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    Current mood:pensive
    Current music:greenwheel - breathe

    All my other journals are friends only, not this one. Mainly because I won't be adding any friends and because no one will know about this journal if it keeps to my liking. Some of you are going to read this and think, "what a shallow bitch." or something like, "what a freak/nutcase." think what you want, the reason people pick on other people is because they are insecure. I know this for a fact, I used to pick on other people because of their weight, or how they dressed. I learned my lesson, lets just keep it at that.

    The thing is, I want this journal for me, because i'm too paranoid to write what I think in my other journals because people always have a say so or whatever, here, I don't give a fuck. Go ahead, leave me comments, I doubt I'll comment back. You don't know me, you can't even start to judge me. My name is Rachel, I like punk rock music and I'm very picky. I have been through about of bad relationships and friendships. I only have two friends who haven't screwed me over. Sam and Jennifer. Sam lives in Georgia though, Jennifer lives an hour and a half away so I can only see her on weekends and breaks. Maybe that's why I get along with them, I don't have to see them everyday. Even though some of my other friends that live far away have fucked me over too. Anyway all of my icons are of Ivana Bozilovic, i'm not a lesbian or anything I just think she is so great.

    What can you do, it's life. Welcome to my world :-*

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2003-02-03 17:06 (link)
testing the comment links.

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2003-02-03 17:07 (link)
hey whatsup? and welcome to blurty! Love the username!
If u want to make new friends, you can join my
community it's _allaboutme_
if you have any questions about anything
feel free to contact me by commenting or emailing me

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