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Sarah (starsinthesky81) wrote,
@ 2004-01-09 01:24:00
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    So, I ended up going out with one of my bestest friends tonight and just got home (1:10 am to be exact) and I'm SO tired and i have to get up early in the morning and go pay tuition and then go to my interview/meeting thing for my field placement stuff...i still have to fill out these papers too, but I'm thinking about doing that tomorrow morning b/f i go...i also have to find directions to the place, and much fun! I just hope I'm not over my head this semseter!

    So, yeah my friend picked me up around 7 and we went down-town to meet one of her bestest guy friends, we hung out at his place for a bit and then walked to go get something to eat...then we went back to his place and he just kind-of channel surfed while he and she talked and I just sat there. Anyway, then she and I left and we went to the sneak peek of Big Fish at work and "K" was there and sat behind us:)...and we talked amongst ourselves thorughout the film...but he's getting a bit on the sick side b/c he was sneezing and sniffling and I told him to go home and get medicine....I want to take care of a sick "K" though...if you know what I mean;), i'm worried about him being sick, b/c he doesn't usually get sick! i mean i think he's the last one of us at work to finally get sick. Ok, well i guess that's all for tonight b/c i'm beat and need to get up in about 5 times! Ok, well have a super-duper night and remember....someday we'll all find true love;)~Sarah

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