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Crystal (starrysky1626) wrote,
@ 2003-09-09 19:36:00
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    Been Awhile
    Well itz been awhile bc alot of issues n all.. well i dont get home till 6:30.. but its all good.. school is ok i guess, i got my gym switched today to 7th Pd.. theres a few people I know.. But things are so confusing for me.. I dunno nemore.. just too much to explain.. tearz runnin down my face is alll i can really say.. and ask myself why??????? so i dunno nemore..

    made lotsa new friends.. its all good..


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2003-09-09 19:49 (link)
I LOVE YOU!!! lol....its oki that you left least we wont get inmore trouble then we need to this you noe it will be and you all the way! RIGHT launch pad!!!!! hahahahahahahaha!!! i love you so always here and you noe that.....and if you ever need somewhere to go im here....just walk up and...someone will let you in! you noe wut! ima bout to give you a key...i have a extra....just in case im never home....or i forget mine so i can steal! yea im just ramling now....i love you!!!!!!!! *kisses*

<3 always!

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2003-09-12 17:49 (link)
lmao.. hahha yea you can have one for here too.. lol.. i have some more some where here.. lol.. Miss you.. thanks so much.. you've been like the best.. U GoTtA InTrOdUcE mE tO mOrE pPl.. lol i dont know ne1 lol

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2003-09-09 22:10 (link)
hey, i found you in a search for a static lullaby. rock on =]
add me?

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2003-09-12 17:47 (link)
lmao.. sure.. no problem..

they are onea the best bands..

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2003-09-13 10:51 (link)
heyyyyy ya i saw u that day at the counselorssss lol my counselor just kept walkin past me n past me till he finally knew it was for me lol but i have ur english:) its great lol ur soooo smart n ill help ya with all ur classes

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Re: heyyyyyyyy
2003-09-13 19:05 (link)
HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea thats right i saw you in the training room then the counseleors the next day.. and i was like Heyy i see him alot n started talking to you.. lol.. well your like the coolest person.. we'll get things all good with her and you may see n use ne of muh poems.. Yea this year will be fun with ya

<3 Crystal

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