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Lone read (starrynigh) wrote,
@ 2003-05-20 21:10:00
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    Current mood: worried

    Momma Dadda Sad but true
    It's funny how things turn out. I've lost my virginity. Decisions can't be taken back for sure now. So I'm just sitting here, waiting for my monthly reminder that I'm a woman to visit me. It's been 5 days I've been waiting now. I like to think there are factors that play in her delay. Stopping a dosage of birth control, not taking my thyroid medication correctly, stress, frustration from impatient waiting. I've been resposible, using 3 types of protection. Is it possible that 9 months from now I'll be standing at the stove at 3 in the morning warming a bottle of milk? I like to think not. I like to have faith that it's just nasty recurring dream I'm having lately. I just sit here lately, going through the regular monthly symptoms. Some motherly advice sounds great, but I'd be 6 feet below the surface listening to it if I wanted that comfort. I'm confident though. Let faith in my responsibility, and the fact that I'm not going through pregnancy pains, carry me through. Hopefully I'll be seeing red tomorrow. Only time can tell. Breathe in a out. No cries for Momma tonight.

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2003-05-27 23:12 (link)
i think youll be fine.

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