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xboywonderx (starpirateboy) wrote,
@ 2004-02-08 23:11:00
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    Current mood:gloomy
    Current music:avenged sevenfold

    The candle won't light and the fire won't spark
    in the nite sky..the stars spell out.his name..the one who is holding us back...i know the mystery of who keeps us away from that dream!!..i am calm now i have tipped 3 dosses of acid and dropped many magical tastes!!..i am sitting on a cloud somewhere in south america..the amazon some mite say!! a nut!!...i am in a shell..scrathing at the floor!!..with paws of like a cat...i run free at nite.....through the trees i rain supreme!!

    many the clear water paths and burning gardens of heaven....shout say they the people of many..but they dont see a thing..or say what they will!! to others as they would do to many..shimering in the dark..a little light shakes in the if he were a real bulb!!..but no my friend..we have no room for fakes her..and he is swiftly executed!!

    elephants roam free in a carpark sufari...shops stand still at a touch of a button..where shall we mourn our deaths 2day sir?..never ever shall we be givin a right to turn things over..this computer generated wisdom speaker is not as clever as some mite say..but yet to be fair..he is one in a million who know how to speak free in a manor of disinfection

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