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Zanna (starmagickmoon) wrote,
@ 2005-03-25 22:11:00
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    Current mood: cranky
    Current music:silencio

    my muscles ache!
    Me and Medin went and got everything else we were keeping fromt he apartment, except the Christmas stuff, and now...i hurt. I need rest, arg i don't like having arms and legs that feel like jello and a back that is stiff and a stomach that is stiff. I'm not used to using my muscles like this for so many days in a row. I carried up books, those suck, and all these other heavy boxes, ack, suffer suffer complain complain. But, i know i'll be fine tomarrow, a night's rest will do me good.

    So, tomarrow i get to spend the day with Zach, that should be nice, we haven't been able to do that in awhile. I'll prolly go get him around 1 or 2, and then we'll go out, and live life...low costly, which once you sit and think about it, isn't really that difficult. I mean, if i didn't like him, then i'd prolly have to spend a lot more money in order to have a good time, but, i'll just have a good time talking and being with him, and that is very low costly. I calle dhim earlier to see if he was alright after the funeral, and he seemed to be doing great, but, being a pisces, i am still thinking that maybe he isn't. Sometimes being a pisces has its drawbacks.

    The atolia people know my views now. I compared atolia with "house" and made the game sound really stupid. Ashley was doing it with me, we were just being bitchy about it and did it about 3 feet away from the atolia people. O well. I am getting really sick of the alternate reality crap that everyone always is doing and talking about. Like Matt and his constant spinning and thinking that he can hypnotize people, everythime he says it i just roll my eyes and control myself not to tell himthat he lives in this reality and no, he isn't a katana master, or a rope master, or a master of anything, he is just a tall skinny white boy who will prolly end up working in a dead end job! (breathe) Well, i feel better. I guess i am just getting sick of people's crap. One more thing: why do fat people wear small clothing? Seth,f or example, is not a large, he is more like a XXL. He was hitting at people and jumping on Kenny's neck earlier and everytime, and and Ashley had to witness the horrors of his belly and ass. I don't see what is so difficult for him to wear a damn belt and a bigger shirt. Is that so hard! (breathe)

    Gosh, i need sleep, i hurt, i'm PMSing, and i am cranky. I'll be all better in the morning, but right now, geez even i don't wanna be around myself, but since i'm kinda stuck here with me, i'll deal with it.

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2005-04-01 19:44 (link)
What the heck is atolia? Alternate reality crap?

*does not compute**
- Liz.

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