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Something to look foward to (staremo) wrote,
@ 2003-12-05 21:55:00
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    This week has been one of the worst weeks ever! I couldn't say anything right, or do anything to help, and Courney wasn't there! Today I was in the hall and I bumped into this girl accidently, and she looks at me and yells "Watch where the fuck you're going." And I just stop, look at her, and get in her face and yell back, "You don't know who the hell you're fucking with, I've had a bad day- I have a headache and I'm PMSing! Don't fuck with me bitch!" And I walk away.. I just, flipped out. :( I feel real bad about everything. About not being able to talk to Rachel, about not really wanting to, about talking about someone in the library with Cassie, about calling the certan somebody a bitch 20 times! I don't know what's wrong with me. Then this whole flu epidemic.. ah, I am going to get sick! I can feel it!.. Then I wrote an email yesterday to an old friend and she told me it made her cry.. I love you all! Rachel, Courtney, KP, Cassie, Mikey! All of you and if this week I was bitchy, I'm sorry...

    MiZzKPiCiOus69: christine is my god

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2003-12-07 22:32 (link)
you, uh, stole my icon.

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2003-12-08 06:41 (link)
I hardly think it's "your" icon.. considering i've seen it on almost 4 diff journal sites

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