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Blondie (stardancer8764) wrote,
@ 2004-02-25 20:15:00
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    hey this is me
    Sorry for the messed up messages before. I want to delete them. I am learning to computer and for the most part I am pretty illiterate. Anyway. This is going to be my expression my feeling about food. I am not exactly anorexic, but my habits are leading me there. I want to be thinner, and beautiful. I want people to look at me and love me. I want to control all the food that goes into my body. I am now:

    Height 5'9''
    Weight : 135. I started at 145.

    I will get my hips and other information later. Right now I am in my dorm and my roomate will wonder what the hell I am doing. All of my friends are fat. They complain to me that I'm skinny but I am not. Being lazy is awful. They can not pass up chocolate cake, or ice cream. They sit and eat and eat and eat. They might as well just push the cheesecake and icing into their thighs because thats where is obviously goes to. I will be 120 even if kills me. Giselle, Anna, Paris Hilton, they are all model for a reason!

    REASONS TO BE THIN...........

    1. You will be thin (Well duh! Thats enough of a reason for me!)

    2. You won't look at pictures of models and celebs wishing you were their size anymore, because YOU WILL BE there size, instead other people will look at you wistfully.

    3. You will be able to wear your 'thin clothes' again.

    4. You will look good in whatever you wear, no more holding that stomach in for you!!

    5. Men will find you more attractive.

    6. You will feel more confident and happy in yourself.

    7. You will look perfect on the outside, allowing your inner perfection to show.

    8. You will have complete control over your life, and other people will know.

    9. Fat= a lazy, slobby, greedy and unintelligent person. Thin= an intelligent, eager person who is in control of her life.

    10. You will rule your stomach (isn't that the way it should be?!!), while others are slaves to hunger.

    11. You will save money on grocery bills.

    12. You will suddenly discover more hours in the day when you can do other useful things, just think of all the time that is wasted cooking, eating and clearing up meals!!

    13. You will feel better and less tired - the average bowling ball weighs 10 pounds, so its no wonder overweight people feel lethargic all the time.. you will feel as light as a feather.

    14. You will be able to see your beautiful pure bones.

    15. You will have less chance of having a heart attack.

    16. You will no longer need to use contraceptives ;).. aint mother nature grand!!

    17. You will be able to wear a bikini and feel proud.

    18. People will congratulate you on how much weight you've lost, those who don't are jealous.

    19. You will be perfect, as nature intended you, without all that blubbery fat covering up who you really are. You will be exposed.

    20. You will turn heads.

    21. You can feel superior as everyone else stuffs their face with fat and you exist on not much more than air.

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2004-02-25 21:28 (link)
Hey - just wondering what you did to drop those 10 =) Good Job!

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2004-02-29 19:49 (link)
Dear Anonymous.

I am replying you your question. To loose 10 pounds, I burned more calories then I ate. It's hard at first, but your body gets used to it. It's like withdrawl symptoms at first, but you can easily tolerate the minute headaches. Think about it. Your body needs 1500 calories a day, and thats the amount it uses just sitting and watching TV. I am sure you won'd do that all day, so you are probably up and about so you are moving around so youre buning more then 1500. Let's say you eat 1400 a day, and you burn 1800, that's 400 ca you are buning from fat. Your body needs to burn 3,500 calories to burn one pound of fat. Therefore with patience (it took me a month) if you cut out all sugar, sodas, sweets, and eat salads, and make sure you exercise for 30 mins everyday (about 300 cal. workout) you will loose weight. My goal is 15 more, but my plateau is 135. I have been really bad becasue I caught my Dad cheating on my Mom and I have been so stressed out I ate everything in sight this weekend. It's ok though. If you bindge, you will be one day behind. It's actually good so it keeps your metabolism going. I also take Weight smart one a day vitamins, they do a lot. (Green bottle) I hope I helped you out! Come back and read my journal! Can I read yours? Thanks for visiting. As for me, I am back to my ana tomorrow. She'd kill me if she knew how bad I have been.


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