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Starblower (starblower) wrote,
@ 2002-11-22 13:07:00
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    Current mood: rushed
    Current music:Fountains Of Wayne - Radiation Vibe

    Gasp and argh!
    LJ won't load! It just gives me some stupid error message.. argh! Is that the most annoying thing on earth? Yep, kiddos, you got that right. It *is*. I mean, not that I have anything particularly important to do there. I'd probably just waste my time leaving wise-arsed messages to people on communities such as anti_avril.. or devotely read about the lives of people I couldn't care less for. Evil voyeur me.

    Yeah. *le sign*

    So anyway. When LJ isn't up, my mind revolves around two matters. Actually, around one matter with the second one trying to kick and bite from time to time to remind me of its existence.

    1) My story. I'm so infatuated with my story it isn't funny anymore. I think about it all the time. I build up past scenes for the characters, I think of "what if" scenes, I edit and redit and re-redit until there's fume coming out of my ears. When I'm not busy with the story, I'm picking inspirational music for it.. Gah.. I've never had anything like it. Could this be the first story I'd finish?! *gasp* Well, I'd better shut up, I don't wanna jinx it.

    2) Finding a job. You know, that constant need to pay the rent that screams somewhere in the back of my mind? I try to ignore that with a "now, when this character was 15..".

    Unhealthy? Much.


    LJ, work, you dog!

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2002-11-22 06:11 (link)
it won't load for me either. it's so crap sometimes. also, i saw you joined one of my communities. welcome!


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2002-11-22 06:25 (link)
Why, thank you. :)

It's working now.. but for how long, I wonder?

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2002-12-17 23:24 (link)
shalom. ani rah-eety et ha yoman ha-acheret shelo. aych leechtov beh-ivrit al ha-mechashev? ani lo yoda'at, veh zeh lamah ani kah-tavti eem otiot shel angleet. yoman tov :o)

sound it out, lol. it should make sense.

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2002-12-27 06:38 (link)
Sorry for the late reply, I don't really check this thing. :) Oh.. well, in order to write in Hebrew you first gotta have Hebrew on your computer.. I think you can install it through the Windows setup or something like that. Then you just switch to Hebrew and write away.. I think? I'm not much help in computer business, I'm afraid.

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2002-12-27 03:54 (link)
I've never had a problem with it loading. hmm wish you'd update this thinger...maybe I'd have something to read.

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2002-12-27 06:46 (link)
Aw, you're my first friend here, I'm excited. ;) I'll add ya back..

I really forgot about this thing, I usually write in my Hebrew journal, and not too much at that. I'm so lazy.. o_0 but here, I'll update tonight just for you.. :)

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2002-12-27 07:29 (link)
awe Im special. :P So what's it ilke living in Israel with the whole conflict goin on over there? I take it you're jewish...I dont know what Id do if my country was fighting like that. I'd probably be the dumbass that stood in the middle of the street and didnt realise i was shot in the leg, cause I suck.

I will now annoy the hell out of you and post meaningless shit in your journal because...well...I can. :P *stands on her head* I ws actually bored enough to like make a quiz at quizilla. Yes, I have graduated to pathetic. *poo* :>

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