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Star (star_giselle) wrote,
@ 2003-09-13 17:48:00
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    Hi everyone!!!!!!So today at school I went to the FIU briefing and well blah blah blah it was ok. Then during history class Carlos and I just blah blah blahed our way through the day. We were talking about going to Crobar. I thought the day would be ruined cause it started pouring terribly but then the sky cleared up. I had the best time partying last night it was crazyyyyy. En la shanti de Ana Maria estuvimos todos! Well I called my friend Ana to catch a ride to the hottttttt sizzlin party and well she came to pick me up and her b/f Bruno , her sis , and her sis's boyf. came along as well. In the car we started to sing to some Reggeton songs and of course we were LOUD! Trucker hatssss all the way VIPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!YEAH!We entered Ana M.s shanti and everyone was there. I walked in and made my grand entrance with the kids. WE met some HOTTTTTTTtt guys and danced pretty much all night. Mely met a handsome MDCC guy(pretty cute) but of course he is reserved for her and he's from Argentina. By the way I learned how to dance to Argentian Cumbia , it's soooo much fun and the spinz are CRAzY. OK so they don't break dance but we can dance with the latin flavaaaaa!I started to show off my moves and started to dance around mr. colombia in circles poor thing he had no idea in what direction to turn! hehe. I tried to guide him but he didn't get it. Then I talked to my sweetie dearest crush Sergio and we danced a lot plus he's a pretty good dancer. Daniel is also a good dancer despite the fact that he had injured his left knee but it's all good b/c he swept me off my feet! Then my Argentinian soccer hearthrob MADE me dance with him despite me telling him I wouldn't and he was a DON JUAN on the dance floor. He thought that he was the king on the dance floor and let me tell you I was beating him!hehe. Then we had this random kid come along with his stupid lighter and flirt but he quickly went out of the picture. Everyone had a wonderful time and I truly enjoyed it. LEt me say this to you GASTON AND SERGIO: nadie me va ganar cuando se trata de bailar, OOOOOkkkkk,hehe I luvwya guyz!

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