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Allison (stalefrootloop) wrote,
@ 2004-11-16 10:36:00
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    Current mood: contemplative

    Isn't it crazy
    I was just thinking about how one small change could effect a big event. What if I would have done a lot of things differently this summer? Where would I be now?
    What if I had decided not to go to Amber's graduation back in march (The Working Title was at vino's and I almost went to it instead) ...would Rebecca and I be best friends now?
    What if I had decided not to go back to my job at Magic Springs?
    What if I ended up spending more time over at Justin's and hung out with him and Andy more?
    What if I wasn't at the snow cone place that night when I saw Nathan secretly meeting with his ex girlfriend?Would we have dated longer?
    What if Brad and I ended up not talking at all? We ended summer of '03 in awkward terms, but summer of '04 things picked up like nothing happened. What if we never worked 'fist n shout' together...would we have ever patched things up and moved on?
    What if I never stopped by movie gallery to flirt with Wes?
    What if I decided to go on a date with Tyler and ended up liking him?
    What if I ended up going to Justin and Andy's 4th of July party instead of Coby's? Would Wes and I have had another chance to hit it off some other time, somewhere else?
    What if I ended up not going to David's that night Wes invited me? Would we be where we're at now?
    What if I ended up not going to the school I'm at now? What if I had freaked out and left- which I almost did because it scared me?
    What if I never would have told Rebecca I missed her? Would we ever be friends again?

    This is strange to think about. My life would be way different now. I wonder if I'd even be as happy as I am.....? I can definitely say I am happy with the choices I made.

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2004-11-17 04:35 (link)
What if you were the biggest dork I know for typing up all of that? Oh wait, you ARE the biggest dork I know. -M

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