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Me-Someone-Who Cares? (staindgurl420) wrote,
@ 2003-10-30 15:53:00
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    Current mood:NOT MYSELF
    Current music:kelly clarkson-low

    Mike and Me ARE TOGETHER!
    alrighty, mike and me are together but hmm...not sure how long it will last b/c it kinda seems like he doesnt care. i mean i love him and all but jeez give me a break. he made me cry yesterday b/c he had to leave and i wanted him to stay over. i dunno why i was crying. im such a retard. but then i called nickers and she made me feel better. well, i felt like a bitch b/c i called her at like 4:30 in the morning. but at least she answered. man my stomach hurts. me need food! i havent eaten anything all day. grr!!!! my lip hurts! grr! ok so nicole, jason, adam, and i are goin to great america for fright fest on sunday. its gonna be off the heezy for cheezy! lol i cant wait to go. oh yeah zeke called me and wanted to tell me something but he wouldnt spit it out and i didnt have time to waste so i told him to call me when he can actually tell me. and sam and i talked but i told her that i will call her when im ready to talk to her b/c right now its just not cool. i mean i love her to death but that shit she said to me really hurt. ah well! grr!!!! my stomach is making gurgly nosies. lol its saying feed me feed me!!!! lol ok i need a life. my friend joe said that mike needs to realize what he has. and that he should be happy that im his girlfriend. awwwwwww!!!! or something along those lines. it was a really nice compliment. made me feel special. ok i dont really have anything else to write so i'll write more later or another day. bye!!!!

    deaner beaner

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2003-10-31 18:22 (link)
well good luck sometimes it just takes guys awhile to open up and be nice

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2003-11-04 14:38 (link)
yeah well hes gonna lose me if he doesnt change. and all my friends seem to think i treat him good so i dont understand why he cant treat me the same. ya know?

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