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Squall Leonhart (squall_the_lion) wrote,
@ 2003-07-02 18:10:00
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    Current mood: blank

    Squall, Rinoa, Zell, Yuffie - At The Coffee Shop

    Yuffs stands up at the counter of the coffee place, waiting for her order to arrive. "Dum dum dum, where is my order?" Yuffs sang to herself.

    Rinoa smiles at Yuffie while she tosses her hair over her shoulder. "Don't worry Yuffie, I'm sure they'll be here soon." Rinoa says, leaning on the counter with her arms crossed.

    "They better gawd damnit! I ain't waitin' here FOREVER ya know!" Yuffs spoke loudly.

    Rinoa sweetly laughs at Yuffie's impatience.

    "Hey Squall!! Did you know that they DON'T serve hot dogs here!!??" Zell cries as he sits down in front of him at one of the tables inside the coffee shop.

    Squall taps his straw on the table, keeping his eyes on the table. "That's a shame." He says sarcastically.

    "HEY! That was sarcasm!" Zell pouts, crossing his arms.

    "Hmpf." Squall mutters.

    "Yuffs taps her fingers on the table impatiently. "Ya know Rinoa, this is taking AWHILE!" Yuffs says, saying 'awhile' louder.

    "Don't worry about it Yuffie, it'll be here." Rinoa assures, looking over the counter to see what was going on behind the counter.

    "So Squall. Between us guys here, you and Rinoa serious?" Zell asks, showing off his pearly white teeth in a grin.

    Squall glares at Zell.

    "Ehh.." Zell stops grinning. "C'mon Squall. You can tell me. Aren't we buddies?" Zell asks making a pouty face.

    "Don't remind me." Squall mutters, continuing to tap his straw.

    "So you like her then, we know that." Zell points out, a pensive look on his face. "So the question is.....ARE YOU SERIOUS?" Zell asks, pointing to Squall.

    Yuffs and Rinoa FINALLY get the orders, and take them back to the table where Zelly and Squally are. "Here we are boys! Your orders!" Yuffs chirps, seating herself beside Zelly. "A bear claw and hot chocolate for Zelly, and a hot chocolate and boston cream for me." Yuffs announces.

    Rinoa takes her seat beside Squall, with a smile on her face. "A caffe latte for myself along with a toasted bagel, and here's your vanilla flavoured coffee you wanted Squall." Rinoa says sweetly, handing him the coffee.

    "Thanks." Squall mutters to Rinoa.

    "Woo hoo! THANKS Yuffs!" Zell exclaims, chowing down on his doughnut.

    "No problem Zelly!" Yuffs chirps, kissing his cheek.

    Rinoa smiles at how cute the two look together. "So hey you guys. You going to the halloween dance??" Rinoa asks curiously, taking a sip from her caffe latte.

    Yuffs blows on her hot chocolate to cool it down. "Depends. I mean, ya SAW what happened at the LAST dance!" Yuffs blurts out, rolling her eyes.

    "Yah man, tha sooked." Zell says with a mouthful of bear claw.

    Rinoa looks down at her toasted bagel, then back to Yuffie and Zell. "Yea... that did suck..." Rinoa says, her eyes trailing around the table.

    Squall sees Rinoa looking a little upset, while he stirs his straw in his vanilla flavoured coffee. "It seems like a waste of time to me." Squall speaks up.

    "Well well. The cold hearted lion says something." Yuffs teases friendly. "But then again, his heart can't be THAT cold if he likes Rinoa." Yuffs smirks at Squall.

    Squall glares at Yuffie, not saying a word to her.

    "Hey guys! We could do something else if you wanted, instead of going to the dance." Rinoa suggests, trying to break up the tension rising between Squall and Yuffie.

    "Like wha?" Zell asks, STILL chowing down on his bear claw.

    "OH!! We could catch a movie maybe! Make it a double date!!" Yuffs cheered, hugging Zelly around his neck tightly.

    Rinoa smiles at Yuffie's suggestion, and also by how cute the two looked. "That sounds like an idea." Rinoa says, taking a bite from her toasted bagel.

    "A dwuble date?" Zell asks, swallowing down the last of his bear claw.

    "YEAH!! It'll be SO MUCH FUN!!" Yuffs exclaims, sipping on her hot chocolate.

    Squall rolls eyes his eyes and lets out a sigh.

    "It's an idea." Rinoa says with a smile on her face.

    "YES IT IS!" Yuffs exclaims with a nod, finishing off her hot chocolate. "Come on you guys, let's head into the town and explore or something!" Yuffs says, getting up from her seat.

    Rinoa finishes off her toasted bagel and caffe latte, then stands up herself. "Alright, I'm done here." Rinoa says sweetly.

    Squall gets up from his seat as well, holding his vanilla flavoured coffee in his left hand.

    "Come on Zelly! Time to go!" Yuffs says, yanking on his arm.

    "But I'm not done!" Zell whines, gulping down his hot chocolate.

    Yuffs shoots Zelly an annoyed look. "Well you're done NOW!" Yufffs exclaims, yanking him to his feet by his arm.

    "OWWW!!" Zell whines.

    "Let's go ya baby!" Yuffs says, dragging him out of the coffee shop by his arm.

    Rinoa smiles up at Squall, and latches onto his arm.

    Squall follows the two immature teens out of the coffee shop with Rinoa, sipping on his vanilla flavoured coffee.

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