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۵§pÜñk¥_MûÑkëÝ۵ز (spunkymunky9) wrote,
@ 2003-02-08 21:02:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:Avril Lavigne - Complicated

    Blank Emotions
    Well, for starters, I have no friends. WHY? because i had to leave all of em. They are too fucked up. I have a couple, but nothing compared to what i use to have. My suppose to be bestfriend is a total snobby raked bitch. Just cause i choose not to talk to someone she thinks she has the right to open her hole and bitch at ME for it. She's so selfish and concieded. Hmm.Valentines is comming up..yay? Again like alwayz i'm single. u must think i'm a huge lozer now..hah..i'm not. Just things aren't going so well right now. MAYBE its cause i broke my lil mirro? 7 years bad luck? i doubt it..cause what about the ppl who break glass for a living at recycle plants? lol. I kno, i'm weird. Its allll gooood. I liked this guy ALOt, his name is Wes, I STILL DO! I wish i had a chance with him but well, we've already talked and apparently i don't, i guess i'm not his type or something. ouch eh? hurts. My parents are out at their church group thing so i'm stuck here at home. I just finished watching "feardotcom" in my room alone.. weird!! i steeped outta my room to come to the computer and i was like EEK when i walked into the hall, it was dark, boy, what a wimp. *blah* Well i'm glad we'll be moving into our house soon, thank god its gunna be ready in mid march. I hate living in this stupid fucken apartment. All u can fucken hear is their lil brats SCREAMING AND CRYING THEIR FUCKEN TOUNGE OUT, and i swear the ppl up their weigh like 400 pounds and walk on THEIR DAMN HEELS!. And u can hear the fucken head boards up stairs banging on the wall, so we have to hear the banging. Fuck, like i would honestly think the lil house wife up there would get some sleep once n' a while, Its like she'z dying for a 5th child. Poor kids..i'd kill myself growing up listening to my parents in the next room. Ew. Mike was suppose to be my lil valentine but fuck it, he'z no good, he reminds me of a clingy baby. On the brighter side i've got the flu and it was turning into N-A-M-O-N-I-A.(its spelt wrong), but yea, so im on meds.*gr*. Well i'm bored, Haven't talked to ne one for awhile, i'm starting to think civilization is abandoning me! ah! Well, if ur gunna read my huge entries (wont' always be!) then plz have a sense of humor! i'm not depressing i swear lol, i'm quiet normal, really!. And don't bitch about what i write, cause if u dont' like it then bite ur fucken lip and close my journal. WEll i'm gunna go now and let u ppl do whatever you have to do! Peace!


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2003-02-08 23:20 (link)
Hey hey welcome to blurty! if u want to make new friends then join my community _Allaboutme_ if u have any questions leave me a comment!!

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