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CaItY CaT (spunkylildevil) wrote,
@ 2003-11-01 17:29:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:i wanna rock and roll all night, and party every day...

    what a great day...
    well starting with yesterday...halloween. its a pretty cool holiday right? wrong. the last real halloween i had was three fucking years ago. i cant believe it im such a loser. humph...2 years ago i was at suws...the next year at nla...heh...i was chad bond 003 1/2. creative eh? my buddy alex was brad bond. anywho...this year i was a jail bird. the costume was madd comfy though, so whatever. all i have to say is that i better be home next year or ima kill someone. no joke. im sick of being an outcast. me and caitlin watched house on haunted hill. i almost shat myself
    today. we had to do community service like usual...except this time we had to walk around streets and pick up nasty trash. it was so sick. but we were provided with some entertainment.
    first: watching ms rush get the van stuck in the mud. that was great
    second: ralphy totaly bitched out allison. she said what was on everyone elses mind. it felt so good to hear it. god...shes such a bitch and i love it. shes almost as good as erica.
    third: ralphy bitched and tryed to take on mary...mary tried to hit ralphy...hmm ralphy's about what? 6 feet tall and marys..hmm...5 feet tall? it was so funny. it was so hard not to laugh.
    went to build a bear..that was cool. i made abi a pig and when you sqeeze its hand it says your the best sister i love you. he has a leather jacket on. its cute.
    then i got back and i ate dinner and im here and i have no fucking life. welcome to my world.

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2003-11-02 17:01 (link)
okay, move in w. me and you will have a life! if you move in w. me then I'm NOT going to boarding school. sooo hurry your ass up here and we'll have fun. if not, I'll be in california so it's all good either way. Me <3 you muchos! yeah, i know I didnt say that right. whatever...I could give a shit.

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Re: harharhahr
2003-11-03 10:15 (link)
lol yeah i know i would have a life believe me im trying to formulate a plan that will convince my mom i think i have it down kinda good. wait what about boarding school?? wow im confused. anywho, i love yas muchos who gives a shit about grammar? not me...whatever peace

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