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Sponge Bucket (spongebucket) wrote,
@ 2004-03-16 17:42:00
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    Current mood:discombobulated
    Current music:Three Days Grace- Wake Up

    :| im updating once more
    so i said "zoe its time to update your journal"

    and i did
    where u expecting more? yes you say? well fuck off i aint gonna tell you that ive been having the time of my life because im lazy.

    for sum reason im listening to weird al yankovic doing a parody on 'beat it' by mike jackson .
    "eat it, eat it, if its getting cold re-heat it. have a big dinner, have a light snack, if you dont like it you cant send it back" damn thats a catchy song.

    i guess ill be putting up all my poems and shit for the world to see, theyve gotten really good and every1 likes them so im finally doing sumthing right for a change.

    im writing this sentence without looking at the keyboard. im so cool.

    ivitations are going round soon :D its party time kiddies :P:P

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2004-03-18 04:18 (link)
oh yeah your party. that you planned like 6 months in advance. lol. its milz by the way. am i still invited? and i havent seen any of your poems but i want to.

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2004-03-20 07:21 (link)
lol 4 months! yeah u and reegs are still comming. im posting poems up in the next post

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