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Sponge Bucket (spongebucket) wrote,
@ 2004-01-10 18:59:00
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    Current mood: hyper
    Current music:Dope- Everything Sucks

    im getting a long trench-coaty thing thats not a trench coat but servs the same purpose- yum! its gorgeous- and it looks wicked with my black pants (that anthea managed to rip a pocket off) and my new sunnies and my che guavara top (it has red on it to break up the black)- i sound really up myself dont i? well its because up until ive started wearing my hair down with my cat ears i havent really liked my appearance and now its like "wow that looks really cool on me!" so fuck up and if u dont like what im saying too bad...fucker...ha ha ha

    hee hee i have johnny comics! i have number 2 and 3 and the 1st comic of fillerbunny. i was meant to be getting fillerbunny 2 and johnny 1 and 4 today but the shipping was delayed and they didnt get it and i waas like "u lieing bastards!"so yeh that was fun

    i think im becoming a Dangerfield freak- im going there whenever im going to the city and i always buy sumthing dammit! wait- i lie- today i bought something- last time i put sumthing on layby.

    maisy just ate a fly

    Rolling Stone magazine is so great this month- its so sarcastic! *i love u sarcasm*

    lydia made sushi- then made me eat it...twice. it was *ahem* delicious.

    if u are reading this (coz i know u are) download this song: Dope- "you spin me round"- its a great cover song and it really makes me want to scream its that good- great song- great band- great cover.

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2004-01-10 08:04 (link)
ha ha ha ha ha! maisy ate a fly! ahhh... thats funny!
nar nar nar! dont download the dope version!
the marilyn manson version is way more awsome!

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fuck u dope rule!
2004-01-10 23:55 (link)
no -dope rule
fuck manson on this one (i am a fan of manson but dope rock at this song)
anthea what u just said was the equivilent to:
"Zoe stop listening to Murderdolls and S.O.A.D and put on some Britney Spears"- its not gonna happen

so yeah- dope is better so nyah :P

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2004-01-11 00:03 (link)

Zowees getting a britany spears cd for her birthday! yeah!

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2004-01-12 01:15 (link)
do that and ill smash u

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